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Bible Blog Prayer May 2015 Prayer: Asia

May 2015 Prayer: Asia

May 2015 Prayer: Asia

Our regional manager just returned from his trip to multiple countries across the region to attend meetings and listening groups. Please pray that the result of these meetings would yield much fruit.

**UPDATE** Morgan Jackson is currently travelling in India with several donors; please pray for their health, safely, and blessing on the trip. Morgan also has several very important meetings with partners scheduled during his stay there that will, hopefully, open even more access to digital content. Please pray for God’s will to be understood and followed in these meetings so His Word can be made available in the heart languages of millions more people across the region.

In the last several months, recording teams and their family members have dealt with uncomfortable tropical illnesses, including dengue fever and malaria. Please pray for their health and quick recovery.

One of our new recording teams has just started their first recording project in a remote location of the country. Please pray as they spread awareness of the need for the recording and seek the best voice talents; for continued community support that will result in an efficient recording project; that God would touch the lives of those involved.

In another region of the country, we are coordinating a New Testament project using Virtual Recording. Please pray that it would go smoothly and that the recording is done in time for the dedication. Please also pray that the people in the community receiving the Audio New Testament at the dedication would be encouraged and that their lives would be changed for God’s glory.

Please pray for the people affected by the earthquake and for the government to disperse the aid being received in a timely manner.

Papua New Guinea:
Praise God! The training that our recording coordinator did with recording teams went well. One of the teams went on to complete a recording of the book of Mark in the Melpa language. Pray that God would use this recording to change lives and to create an awareness of the need for the whole New Testament, motivating the people in the community to record the rest of it.

The other team is beginning their first project – the South Tairora language. Pray that they would develop good habits in their work.

Pray for the recording manager who is juggling many responsibilities coordinating procedures within the country and working with managers in the New Mexico office to make the recording process run smoother; for wisdom and joy as he carries out his multi-faceted role.

Posted: 5/27/2015; Updated: 6/25/2015

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