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Bible Blog Prayer March 2015 Prayer: Asia

March 2015 Prayer: Asia

March 2015 Prayer: Asia

We are blessed to have good partners and God’s mercy for shipments of Proclaimers and Mini Proclaimers going into this country, especially during the political and social demonstrations. Please pray as another shipment will be on its way soon and that the people who will be receiving these devices will be blessed by hearing God’s Word in their heart language.

Please pray for our partners as they work tirelessly (even in the midst of political, economic, and religious changes) in making God’s Word available to people through Bible listening programs so they might know the true God.

Also, please pray for a pilot project in South India that is using a variety of devices with which to deliver the Scriptures to the people. This has not gone very smoothly and is very important in order to better serve our partners.

Two recordings are scheduled to begin within the next month in areas that present many challenges. The locations are remote and oftentimes it is hard to find readers. Please pray as the team begins their research and that the recordings will be done in a reasonable amount of time as the need for God’s Word is acute and real; that lives will be touched and changed for God’s glory in the process and as a result of hearing the recordings.

Please pray for recordings that are in process so more people can have the opportunity to hear God’s Word in their language; and for those who are giving their lives to the Lord as a result of hearing God’s Word.

Papua New Guinea:
Our national coordinator has experienced several changes, affecting his ability to provide training and follow-up for Bible listening groups. Please pray that all obstacles would be removed and that he would find ways to provide the support needed for effective group listening.

Pray for the FCBH International Recording Coordinator’s trip in April as he meets with and trains a new recording team that the training would go well and all involved would be encouraged.

Pray as we strategize with and strengthen partnerships with translation organizations; for strength for our on-the-ground workers and teams.

Southeast Asian Restricted Access Nation:
God is rapidly opening doors of access into more communities. Many more languages have been completed and God has provided contacts with many remote groups. Please pray that we will now receive the resources necessary to take advantage of these open doors.

Southeast Asian Restricted Access Nation:
This nation is completely closed to Christianity. Persecution is frequent and heavy. However, we have a few partners who are relentless in providing access to the Gospel for these people. In addition, we have new recordings that can be used to reach many areas of this nation. Please pray for their safety; that God would lead them to trustworthy people who can carry on the work of discipling those who come to Him; for God to grant us creative and effective ways of delivering Audio Bibles to these partners.

Sri Lanka:
Thank you for praying! We now have an FCBH representative working on the ground in this country. Please pray for him as he develops new partnerships and renews old ones; for God to bless him as he serves the people of this country.

Cyclone Pam (category 5) hit Port Vila and Tanna Island pretty hard. It is reported to be the worst natural disaster in the nation’s history. Please pray that the residents get the much-needed medical attention; for their safety during this time; for them to be able to rebuild as their livelihood is at risk; and that their faith would be strong.

Posted: 3/19/2015

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