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Bible Blog Prayer September 2014 Prayer: Asia

September 2014 Prayer: Asia

September 2014 Prayer: Asia

Please pray for a shipment to arrive safely and on time to the Bible Society; for a ministry partner working in some very sensitive areas of the country; for more Proclaimers and Mini Proclaimers to be sent as so many still need to know God and hear His Word; as the Bible Society continues their search for a new General Secretary.

The Dzongkha recording was recently released and is being used both inside Bhutan and in northeast India, resulting in stirred hearts and showing many the saving grace of Jesus. Praise God with thankfulness that this long-awaited recording is so well received!

Thank the Lord for the commitment of our partners participating in FCBH Bible listening and sharing the Word of God! Here is just one testimony of how people receive the Word and are sharing with others: Pradeep Kumar says that since the Proclaimer came to his village in the Bhojpuri language, “Our people are able to understand it very clearly. Nobody opposes hearing it because it is in their heart language.” He also carries it with him in the paddy field when they have to do the sowing; “All listen to it and during lunch time they ask me questions.” He says God blessed the workers as many are coming to know Jesus as Savior. He also says that his paddy crop will yield a 100% harvest this year.

Please pray for those who are implementing FCBH listening programs and for those who have given their lives to Him after hearing His Word. There are Bible listening groups starting in multiple languages all over the country. However, there are many reports of Christians facing persecution. Please pray for them so that they may stay strong in the Lord and continue their faith.

Here is one such report: In the last few months, there has been an increase in incidents of violence against Christians. These incidents seem to be instigated by those who want to remove all Christians from the state. [Nearly] 20 local women gathered together to beat an evangelist sister named “Jaya.” They accused her of spreading a foreign religion in their village. In the two years Jaya has been a Christian she has led 32 people to Christ. Please pray for her wounds to heal, both physical and emotional.

Papua New Guinea:
For many years, our partner has had success in distributing Audio Bibles. However, geographical obstacles and tribal fighting have restricted follow-up efforts. Please pray that we can find a way to do the necessary follow-up to ensure that the Audio Bibles are effectively utilized and the workers are duly supported and encouraged. Also pray that we can find the most efficient and effective means of recording the nearly 200 translations currently available in different languages of this nation.

South Asia:
Please pray for the Regional Manager as he travels to Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal at the end of October. The plan is to visit active listening groups, and meet with current and potential new partners who can use the Audio Scriptures throughout their respective countries.

Southeast Asian Restricted Access Nation:
We have an opportunity to provide the Audio Scriptures to thousands within an ethnic minority in this country, which will overcome the physical obstacles and government restrictions, and make the Scriptures widely available within a short period of time. Please pray that the proper arrangements can be made and that the Audio Scriptures will be fruitful among this people group; that God would provide the right people and the means necessary to begin a far-reaching language recording process here as millions are waiting for His Word in their heart language.

Southeast Asian Restricted Access Nation:
This nation is completely closed to Christianity. Persecution is frequent and heavy. However, we have a few partners who are relentless in providing access to the Gospel for these people. Please pray for their safety; that God would lead them to trustworthy people who can carry on the work of discipling those who come to Him; for God to grant us creative and effective ways of delivering Audio Bibles to these partners.

Posted: 9/18/2014

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