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Prayer: Americas

Prayer: Americas

Please pray for the listening groups that were implemented last year; for encouragement for the partner who is seeking to expand the use of the Proclaimer for Creole speakers that the Lord would bring others to support her in these efforts.

Please pray for our partners who will be implementing listening groups in eight different languages (including Tacana) this year, in remote areas of the country.

Continue to pray for upcoming meetings with Faith Comes By Hearing leaders, Bible translation leaders, and recording teams; for wisdom and direction as they strategize about how to facilitate Scripture recordings for many people groups.

Please pray for our Regional Coordinator, who is facing health issues, that the Lord would bring healing to his body and wisdom in how to handle the various challenges that he is dealing with.

Please pray for wisdom for our partner regarding the Cubeo New Testament recording, as complications have arisen and the recording had to be postponed; that the U’wa (Tunebo) recording can be completed this year; for readers and participants for each of these projects; and for the team’s protection, health, and unity.

A shipment of 800 Audio New Testaments was recently received, bringing the total to nearly 4,000 since 2010. Please pray for the spread of listening groups, as there are many spiritually thirsty people who find encouragement by listening to the Audio Scriptures; and for those who will be traveling and training during the next few weeks.

Please pray for the new listening programs that are being implemented among nine people groups; for God’s Word to speak to the hearts of the Chachi and Colorado people who are listening to the Scriptures for the very first time; for the recording team as they travel to make arrangements for the Quichua Cañar and Quichua Salasaca New Testament recordings.


One of the Guatemala recording teams is on location working on a project. Please pray for healing for a member of that team who has become sick with a high fever. Also for grace and wisdom for his team mate as he continues working on the recording.

Please pray for the recording teams as they travel in order to work out all the logistical details for the for the Achi and Pokomchí Old Testament Pentateuch recordings.

Praise God! The Akawaio recording has been completed and is awaiting release! Please pray as our partner organizes all the details necessary to implement listening groups in the near future.

Please pray that many people will attend the listening groups that were implemented recently (in three languages) in the southern part of the country. Also, please pray as a listening project for a major denomination starts this week in Mexico City.

Please pray for the very first listening groups that were implemented recently among the Border Kuna people; also for new listening groups among the Wounaan and Northern Emberá peoples.

Please pray for the recording of the Lengua Sur New Testament; for good readers and for the health, strength, and endurance of the recording team; for new listening groups that are being launched in Ache, Chamacoco, and Spanish; for listening groups that are taking place in schools.

Please pray for health, strength, stamina, and protection for the members of the recording teams and three new people who were recently trained; also for new listening groups that have recently been implemented among indigenous peoples throughout the jungles and mountain areas.

San Andres Island:
Praise God! The people have just received the Audio New Testament for the first time. Please pray for an upcoming listening group training; for the Lord to help people engage with Scripture on a meaningful level; and for them to be transformed as they come to know Him.

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