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Bible Blog Prayer August 2015 Prayer: Americas

August 2015 Prayer: Americas

August 2015 Prayer: Americas

Please pray that we would receive permission to record several languages for people groups in Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and Curaçao; that our relationship with ministry partners in each of these countries will continue to grow and be strengthened.

Praise God! The field portion of both the Kayabi and Kayapo New Testament recordings are done and they are in our studio going through the final editing and mastering process. Please pray for good contacts in scheduling new recordings; and as listening groups for several indigenous people groups in the Amazon are implemented.

Please pray for our partner in this country as they work on the Cubeo New Testament recording and as they complete the U’wa (Tunebo) recording; for readers for each of the projects; and for the team’s protection, health, and unity.

Please pray as the indigenous leaders prepare to implement Bible listening groups in nine languages.

Praise God! The Kakchiquel Xenacoj Proclaimers arrived safely. Please pray for the launch and dedication ceremony for the print and Audio New Testaments; that many listening groups will be established; and for many people to receive God’s Word.

Continue to pray that listening groups would expand to include the many recordings we currently have available. Pray that partnerships are developed in order to serve the diverse population of indigenous speakers who need God’s Word in audio.

Praise God! The field portion of the Kuna Border recording is complete and the team returned home safely. Please pray that the final mastering and editing process goes smoothly so that the village leaders can take the Audio Bible to the people in the villages soon.

As Bible listening groups in 16 languages are implemented in the coming months, please pray that the lives of the indigenous people would be transformed; and that their faith would be strengthened as they hear God’s Word in their heart languages.

San Andres Island:
Pray for the upcoming dedication of the San Andres Islander Creole print and Audio New Testaments.

Posted: 8/3/2015

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