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January Prayer: Americas

January Prayer: Americas

Pray for the team traveling to do the Tacana recording, that they arrive and return safely (the plan is to stay for eight weeks). The area has several dangers, including the “Bolivia Road to Death” purported to be the world’s most dangerous road, along with several rivers to cross.

We are challenged with increasing the capacity of our recording teams in this country. Please pray that the Lord will call Brazilian missionaries who have a passion for recording indigenous translations to reach the under-reached people groups with God’s Word in audio.

Pray for the father of the recording team’s director. The doctors found a tumor in his brain and he is waiting to have surgery. Please pray that God gives the doctors and the family wisdom.

Pray for the Colorado recording that will be starting soon. This is a very primitive tribe where the shaman has much influence with the people. Pray that the enemy’s deceptions will be thwarted by the Gospel message and that churches will be formed in more areas where the people live; also for strength for the recording team and readers.

More than 90 people groups have Audio Scriptures available for Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups. Pray for our partners who are working to implement listening groups in each of these spiritually needy areas; for several recordings that are in process.

New FCBH listening group projects are starting soon among the Embera Katio, Naso Teribe, and San Blas Kuna people groups. Pray that the group participants would be greatly impacted by listening to the Scriptures in their own language in a group setting.

Pray for new listening groups being started among Guaraní, Enhlet, Nivaclé, and Chamacoco speakers; for a partner ministry that will soon begin an outreach to speakers of the Ache using the Audio Bible.

Posted: 1/22/2015

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