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September Prayer: Americas

September Prayer: Americas

There have been challenges in growing our recording teams in this country. Please pray with us that the Lord will call Brazilian missionaries with a passion for recording indigenous translations to reach the under-reached people groups with God’s Word in audio.

Pray for the recording team as they face challenges and obstacles regularly; that the Lord will protect and strengthen them, and will provide for all of their needs.

Pray for the protection of the Waorani (Waodani) leadership as they begin to expand the listening group approach using the Proclaimer among other villages in the jungles.

We praise God because Tektitek Proclaimers are now in the hands of the people. Missionaries report: “The 15 participants were excited to try out the Proclaimers. As different portions of Scripture flowed through the little black boxes, some held it close to their ears, while others set it on the table and just stared in awe.”

The South Central Cakchiquel recording was recently completed and we are in the planning phase of the project. The first Proclaimers will become available to the people in November during an FCBH training event. Pray for the event and the group leaders who will be in attendance.

More than 90 people groups have Audio Scriptures available for Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups. Pray for our partners who are working to implement listening groups in each of these spiritually needy areas.

Pray for the training and launch of the Maka Audio New Testament; that the Proclaimer listening groups will be well attended and that the people will be impacted and transformed by hearing the Word of God.

Pray for our recording teams – for safe travel, good readers, and good health for all as they do the research on a language in Ecuador, talking to leaders and potential readers so that the New Testament can be recorded.

Pray for an indigenous partner organization that is struggling to continue serving various people groups in their state; that their financial needs would continue to be met and that their ministry efforts would not be greatly reduced.

Posted: 9/18/2014

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