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Prayer: Africa

Prayer: Africa

Praise God! During 2015, over 25 African language recordings were started; nine were released; others are in various stages of completion; and over 4,000 new listening groups were implemented.

Due to the El Niño, many countries in Africa are facing famine this year. Humanitarian agencies have issued warnings of a food crisis, shortage of water, and outbreaks of disease. Most of East Africa is already stressed in terms of food security, with millions already in need of food assistance and at least 11 million children facing starvation. Drought in some countries is the worst since 1982. These statistics are staggering, but we know each person is loved by God. Please pray that those affected by famine not only receive bread for their stomachs, but that they receive the Bread of Life for their salvation.

Our in-country partner says: “We thank God for His work through the FCBH program because many lives are being changed. We continue to pray for security in the whole country.” In addition, this partner shared the safety concerns of all: due to the dramatic rise in murders and assaults, many people have fled to neighboring countries. Please pray for an end to the violence and terror that has gripped this country for so long and for protection for our partners and their families.

Central African Republic:
Praise God! Voters peacefully cast their ballots in the December elections with hopes for renewed stability. The people had suffered since March 2013 from a reign of terror that resulted in thousands being killed and more than 1 million losing their homes. Please pray for the return of peace, healing, and stability; and the provision of desperately needed food, shelter, and medical care.

We rejoice with one of our partners as they report: “The Proclaimer is a great joy to us . . . it has brought people to the saving power of Jesus Christ – transforming lives, and making people grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!” Listening to Scripture in the heart language of Bassa has increased church attendance, improved literacy, and planted many new churches among the people. Our partner asks for prayer for them to have “successful ministry among our people this year. May the Lord richly bless all of us in this year and years to come, in Jesus name.”

Posted: 2/9/2016

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