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November Prayer: Africa

November Prayer: Africa

Please pray for the nearly 50 partners we have in 25 countries who sacrifice and labor in spite of illnesses, financial struggles, spiritual attacks, conflicts, wars, violence, etc.; that the Lord would keep them safe, and bless and encourage them in the midst of these challenges and difficulties.

Our in-country partner has asked for prayer concerning the lack of security – especially in the capital where people are being killed every day – and the constant state of fear and ongoing trauma felt by all the people. Please continue to pray as people are fleeing into neighboring countries and families deal with hardship.

Central African Republic:
Chaotic security and political instability continue. Violence broke out yet again in the capital on September 26th, forcing nearly 40,000 people to flee from their neighborhoods to seek safety and protection. The head of mission at Doctors Without Borders in the country says, “They left with nothing and now they’re living in the most appalling conditions. Most have no shelter, no food, and almost no access to medical care.” Please pray for peace and stability to return to the people and that the refugees will receive the food, shelter, and medical treatment they so desperately need.

South Sudan:
Praise God! A shipment of Proclaimers has been received and we rejoice that the people will soon be listening to the Scriptures in their mother tongue. Pray that the Lord would bring comfort, hope, and healing to this nation of hurting people.

West Africa:
The Bible Society of Sierra Leone reports that “the deadly Ebola epidemic has brought untold suffering to the people of our beloved country, thereby bringing the country to an economic standstill.” In the midst of this, however, we praise God for the courage of the Bible Society staff as they went door-to-door alongside community workers to distribute Proclaimers during the quarantine. Staff members also provided Audio New Testaments, water, and food to medical workers, treatment centers, and Ebola survivors during the crisis. Please continue to pray for the Lord to comfort those who mourn and for economic recovery for all the nations of West Africa that were impacted by the Ebola crisis.

Posted: 11/3/2015

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