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August Prayer: Africa

August Prayer: Africa

Please continue to pray for the people of this country as the presidential election draws closer. Mounting unrest has resulted in deaths and arrests; and people are fleeing to neighboring countries. Our partner says: ‘We continue to pray to God so that He may rescue our country. And there is no doubt – He is going to do a new thing in Burundi, something special, because He loves us.’

The Lord is doing great things in this country! One of our partners has asked that we continue to pray for listening groups going on around the country; the people in the Christian communities; and the courage, perseverance, stamina, and protection of the promoters (especially now in the rainy season that makes travel very difficult) as they work to facilitate and follow up on all of the listening groups.

Praise God! We rejoice along with our partners for the wonderful testimonies we received from the Audio Bible listening groups! The people are so joyful to receive God’s Word. Please pray for the many refugees who are trying to rebuild their lives and for the hundreds who are still displaced; for lasting peace, especially in the north.

Violence is ongoing. Please continue to pray for peace and protection for the people and those who are working for the Kingdom, sharing the Gospel of peace and hope.

South Sudan:
Since December 2013, fighting has displaced one-sixth of the country’s roughly 12 million people. Two-thirds of the people are at risk of starvation and close to 40% will need international assistance to secure even their basic needs. Please pray that in the midst of this crisis, the Lord will use His Words of Life to transform people and bring hope and light into their hearts; for strength and protection for our partners there who are His hands and feet.

West Africa:
After almost two months of being declared Ebola-free, new outbreaks emerged in Liberia at the end of June; and infections continue to affect people in Sierra Leone and Guinea. Since the initial outbreak in early 2014, Ebola has claimed the lives of more than 11,200 people across West Africa. Please pray for the end of this terrible disease and for all those who have suffered loss; continue to pray for strength and protection for the health workers and for our dedicated partners who minister in these countries.

Posted: 8/3/2015

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