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Bible Blog Prayer January 22nd Prayer: Africa

January 22nd Prayer: Africa

January 22nd Prayer: Africa

Praise Report:
We thank and praise God for His provision and for the wonderful Kingdom work that was accomplished by our partners in 2014! We are excited about the prospects ahead and look forward to receiving many good testimonies and reports this coming year about how Audio Scriptures are transforming lives in Africa. Thank you for your prayers!

Burkina Faso:
An interim president has been sworn in to lead the country until the elections in November, so the political situation has calmed down. Thank you for your prayers for peace and stability for this nation.

Central African Republic:
The UN Security Council stated that there are some signs of moving toward a broader dialogue (regarding the political instability) that may eventually lead to lasting peace. Please continue to pray for peace and provision for the people who are still suffering under a huge humanitarian crisis.

Please continue to pray for peace for the people of this country. Attacks and kidnappings continue and there is much suffering and loss of life. Villagers are forced to flee with next to nothing and families are being separated.

West Africa:
The recent statistics released by The World Health Organization state that over 20,000 people have been infected with Ebola, with more than one-third of them in Sierra Leone. Almost 8,000 deaths have been reported so far. Shortages of food, goods, and services are ongoing. Please continue to pray that this terrible epidemic will be contained and that the people of this region would receive the help that they desperately need.

Posted: 1/22/2015

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