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Bible Blog Prayer November 26th Prayer: Africa

November 26th Prayer: Africa

November 26th Prayer: Africa

Praise Report:
Many of our partners work under difficult and challenging conditions in order to spread the Gospel. We are awed by their sacrificial commitment to the Bible cause and we praise God for their service and dedication. It is such a blessing to receive reports and testimonies of how God’s Word is impacting communities and changing lives.

Burkina Faso:
The President in this country was recently ousted after a 27-year term. Please pray for peace and political stability as tensions are rising while the country tries to establish an interim government.

Central African Republic:
The humanitarian crisis in this country is massive. According to reports, 400,000 people (including over 2 million children) have been displaced or affected in one way or another due to escalating levels of violence. Please pray for peace and protection for the civilians and workers as they deal with heightened insecurity.

Please continue to pray for peace for the people of this country. Attacks and kidnappings continue and there is much suffering and loss of life. Villagers are forced to flee with next to nothing and families are being separated.

West Africa:
The World Health Organization stated recently that the number of Ebola cases is in excess of 13,500; nearly 5,000 people have died. The hardest hit countries – Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone – continue to have a shortage of food and other goods due to closures and movement restrictions; quarantines; and inadequate medical supplies. Please continue to pray that this horrific epidemic would be contained and that the people affected would receive the much-needed help.

Posted: 11/26/2014

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