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Bible Blog Prayer Pray With Us: May 2019 – July 2019

Pray With Us: May 2019 – July 2019

Pray With Us: May 2019 – July 2019


Thank you for faithfully praying for the health, safety, and protection of our ministry’s leadership, employees and their families, and hundreds of partners in the field worldwide.

Praise God for providing the qualified people at the right time. We have hired 13 new employees so far this year, and have filled 11 positions by internal employees. Please pray for all of the new employees as they learn their responsibilities and gain knowledge of the ministry. We currently have 6 open positions. Please pray that the Lord provides the right people to join us in these roles.

Pray for all of us to set aside our objectives and goals and align ourselves with God’s will for our team ministry, and the advancement of the Kingdom!


Papua New Guinea:

Pray that the Umbu-Ungu Andelale recording will finish well.

Pray for the second phase of the Kaulong New Testament recording that it will start and finish on schedule.

Pray for the completion of the Siane and Kanite recordings of Mark’s Gospel that will begin this month.

Pray for new partnerships with national workers who are eager to implement FCBH listening programs within the country.

Praise God! The Barai New Testament recording is now complete and the Folopa recording is scheduled to start in May.

Southeast Asia: Pray for the successful implementation of various digital initiatives—Bible apps and online access—aimed at reaching unreached people groups in this region.


Pray for Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Indonesia (FGBMFI) as their 10,000+ members participate in a coordinated Bible listening program.

Pray for the four New Testament recording projects that will begin in June.

Praise God! Three New Testament recordings in Indonesia are nearly completed.

Australia: Pray for discussions FCBH is having with partners in Australia toward the goal of recording together more Scripture in Australian Aboriginal languages.


Thank God for good meetings with Wycliffe Malaysia and SIL Malaysia. Render was demonstrated and discussed. Pray for God’s orchestration of partners and participants to form the first Render project in Malaysia before the end of this year.

Thank God for concrete plans to record portions of the new Jah Hut Bible. Pray for all the pieces to come together for a new VR project by mid-2019.

Hong Kong: Thank God for very successful VR training and cross-fertilization of two Asian recording projects. Pray for their recording success in the months to come.


Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi: Cyclone Idai, which hit on March 14, has resulted in massive flooding and has killed more than 700 people across southern Africa. Some 1.8 million people are said to be affected, and hundreds of thousands of people are in need of food, water and shelter. Pray for our partners as they strive to meet the huge physical and spiritual needs of those who are suffering.


Paraguay: Pray for recording partners who have recently returned from the field on what was a very difficult project. Pray for the recovery of the recording team, and for the people they served through this recording, that they might be blessed by it.

Brazil: Pray that the Lord will encourage different organizations to work together to reach indigenous communities.

Peru: Pray that the Word of God will reach isolated Quechua communities. Laborers and resources are urgently needed.

Chile: Pray that the Bible Society of Chile, local churches, and missionaries have the necessary resources to reach the large influx of Haitian immigrants with the Word of God in their language.

Mexico: Pray that in the midst of Mexico’s complex social and political situation, listening to the Word of God impacts and transforms lives in the 11 indigenous communities and gives them hope.

Guatemala: In this election year, pray that the Word of God would guide those who will be exposed the Bible. May the listening group leaders have the wisdom to take the opportunities to disciple those attending.

El Salvador: Pray for the programs that have been initiated with the police and the military. Pray that the Word of God brings wisdom, consolation and hope to them and their families.

Honduras: Pray that the BibleSticks delivered to the police begin to bring hope for change in their ranks and the population in general.

Nicaragua: Praise God that the Mayagna have received an Audio Bible in their language. Pray that their new listening programs would become a beacon of hope for the entire community.

Panama: Pray that fifty programs can be swiftly implemented in each of the indigenous languages of Panama.

Colombia: Thank God for the Translation Table, a gathering of ministries that is providing information, channels of access and implementation of programs in several communities where the Word of God has not yet been sent. Pray for safety and wisdom as new listening programs are started.

Dominican Republic: Pray for more opportunities to start new listening groups with Haitian immigrants.


Pray for new recording partnerships forming in Southeast Asia and South Asia, to include the recruiting of dedicated teams who are called to this challenging work; open doors to transport the specialized recording equipment into the region; planning and logistics for the necessary training; and access to the communities, many of which are remote, where recordings are needed.

Pray for a key project scheduled to begin in North Africa. We thank God for a strong and dedicated partner on the ground, an enthusiastic group of believers to participate, and the provision of a travel visa for the recording team. Pray for protection from outside influences, cross-border travel, unity among those involved, and the ongoing preparedness and motivation for the readers as the project gets underway.

Please continue to pray for the diligent work of our translation partners, recording teams (45), and studio workers to make Scripture available for those who need to know that God speaks their language.

Pray for Audio Bibles to have an impact on the lives of the people who listen in their own languages.


Please pray for wisdom in choosing a Mobile App Development team.


Please pray for the Technical Support Staff, that they would have the wisdom and insight to diagnose and correct any technical issues that may be encountered in the field by users.

Pray that the hardware and software used by field teams to carry out the Render translation will function well. We also want to pray for the safety of the field translation teams and their physical and spiritual protection.

Pray that the continued Render upgrades and updates will make the software more effective and efficient for project users in the field.

Pray for clarity and good communication about the Render process, needed personnel and onsite training as we begin new projects in Angola, the Philippines and Zambia, and prepare for many more in Papua New Guinea, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and MENA this year.

Pray for the Word of God to fall on open ears and soft hearts so that people all over the world will be able to engage with God by listening to Him in their heart language.

Pray for unity within our team and as we work with partners and other teams, that “with humility of mind, we will consider others as better than ourselves.” (Phil 2:3)

Praise God for providing the first Render project started in Zambia, Africa!

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