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Bible Blog Prayer Pray With Us: August 2017 - October 2017

Pray With Us: August 2017 - October 2017

Pray With Us: August 2017 - October 2017

Faith Comes By Hearing Family

Thank you for faithfully praying for the health, safety, and protection of our ministry’s leadership, employees and their families, and hundreds of partners in the field worldwide.

Praise The Lord! We continue to thank God for providing just the right people at the right time: Render Project Coordinator was filled by someone with previous international missions coordination experience; Software Developer was filled by someone with years of experience; Back-End Web Applications Developer and Front-End Web Applications Developer were filled by two people who are experienced in web app development; Junior Software Developer was filled by someone who is graduating this fall with a degree in Computer Science; three positions for Audio Processing Editor I were filled by qualified people who are excited to be a part of the team; Scripture Data Engagement Analyst was filled by someone with years of analyst experience and a heart for the FCBH vision. Please pray that the Lord provides the right people to join us in the positions of: Render Technical Support Specialist and Asia Strategic Director/East Asia Area Director. Also, pray for the new staff members as they learn their responsibilities and gain knowledge of the ministry.

Funding Opportunities (both nationally and internationally)

Thank you for continuing to pray as we reach out to donors and potential donors for help in getting God’s Word to everyone everywhere.

Global Bible Network

Using SIL’s excellent Scripture App Builder tool, FCBH has built 60 single-language, user-to-user-sharable, offline-usable Android apps. These have been fielded by over 20 partner organizations, and corresponding analytics data is being received from across the globe. Requests for more are rolling in. Please pray that God will increase our (and our partners) capacity in this area, and that users will be blessed and will share the blessing with others.

Another distribution mechanism for these apps will be the next versions of the Proclaimer, which will be able to copy the apps from its internal memory to external SD cards. Please pray for finalization, production, and distribution of these devices.

Software Technology

We are initiating partnerships with likeminded ministries to expand the content and quality of the services powering (and other sites and apps). Please pray for wisdom, strength, and protection for everyone involved in this very strategic work.

Use of Render version 1.1 is growing, and feature (and fix) roadmaps are set for 1.2 and 1.3. Please continue to pray for all involved to be efficient, unified, and clearly led of God.

Lastly, we are actively co-designing with SIL the next generation of recording tools to be used by FCBH and partners, to be programmed by FCBH starting this month. Please pray for these efforts as well.

Military BibleStick Program

September is a month we honor those who fell that fateful day 16 years ago - 9/11. Thank you for continuing to pray and provide God’s Word to these warriors, and veterans, and their families.


Many in Africa face huge challenges in the midst of political and social turmoil as well as daily environmental challenges with infrastructure, food shortages, and medical treatment. Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who serve joyfully and bravely in the face of these challenges. We are honored to serve in partnership with them. Please pray for them as they serve and minister.

Despite these challenges, we are very blessed to receive testimonies from our partners in this region. Recently, one pastor wrote telling how grateful he is to have the Proclaimers to help him teach God’s Word: “The congregation remembers the Scriptures better, children are enjoying reciting portions by heart, and the faith of the people is growing!” Thank you for helping us to provide the life-giving Word to the people of Africa.

Central African Republic (CAR): With the ongoing turmoil in some areas of the country having calmed down, we are hopeful for ministry and FCBH projects to be renewed. Please pray for the peace to continue so the work of God can go forward and people can be encouraged by His Word.

Ghana: A devastating flash flood struck in the northern region on July 25th, resulting in some deaths and leaving approximately a thousand people homeless. People are in despair and appealing for help. Please pray those affected will receive the aid they so urgently need.

Kenya: This country suffered greatly under post-election violence a decade ago when at least 1,100 people died and more than 600,000 were displaced from their homes. There is great concern and fear that the violence will happen again if the credibility of this year’s election is in doubt, as it was in 2007. Please pray for peace and protection for the people during this time, especially during their general election being held on August 8th.


Argentina: Please pray for the Toba Sur New Testament recording as it nears completion.

Bolivia: Please pray for listening groups that are ongoing in a number of languages.

Brazil: Please pray for a meeting of leaders that will pave the way for recording Scripture in more languages.

Colombia: Please pray for Proclaimer listening groups that will be implemented in 15 languages.

Cuba: Please pray for our Field Coordinator who will be training listening group leaders in-country soon.

Easter Island: Please pray for the planning process of a New Testament recording.

Ecuador: Please pray for a shipment of Proclaimers leaving soon; also for the recording of the Siona New Testament recording.

Guatemala: Please pray for the recording teams as they complete two Pentateuch recordings

Mexico: Please pray for new Proclaimer listening groups being implemented in 15 languages.

Paraguay: Praise God! School listening groups are being started in more than 100 schools.

Peru: Please pray as our largest shipment of Proclaimers with Audio Scriptures in more than 20 languages has just arrived in-country.


Please pray for all of the Asia region as new partnerships are being developed and Bible listening programs are being implemented. Continue praying for wisdom and encouragement for the partners, those with whom they work, and those to whom they are ministering.

India: Please pray for some upcoming exciting new Global Bible Network programs that will be implemented in September. These will include providing new language-specific Global Bible Apps to a mega church, placement of Global Bible Hubs, micro-SD cards for sharing Audio Scriptures one-on-one, and some traditional Bible listening. The results of these programs may well give a good model and direction for future procedures as we continue to reach many with the Word of God in South Asia and beyond.

Please pray! The government of India is making every effort to bring Hinduism back, affecting everything from the economy and the poor who struggle daily to strong opposition to Christendom, which was not that severe in the past.

Indonesia: Please continue to pray for open doors to find partners who share the vision to reach everyone everywhere with God’s Word in audio; for community support that will result in efficient recording projects; and for God to touch the lives of those involved.

Thank you for praying about Faith Comes By Hearing’s 2017 recording schedule. Five of the thirteen New Testament recordings planned for this year are complete; the field recording files are here in our studio for final mastering. We thank God these recording projects were successfully completed though fluent readers were not always easy to find. Please continue to pray that our recording partners will have successful research trips prior to each recording; for them to find the best contacts and the best voice talents; and for continued community support that will result in efficient recording projects; for God to touch the lives of those involved.

Papua New Guinea: Thank you for praying for the Central Buang recording. The field recording was completed last month (June) and is in our Albuquerque studio for final mastering. Please pray that the final mastering with music and effects goes smoothly, and that the release of this Audio Bible will result in lives changed for His glory.

Praise God! Faith Comes By Hearing participated in a successful joint recording pilot project with SIL-PNG and their Scripture Use Media (SU Media) department! SU Media recorded the Gwahatike New Testament, and FCBH added the music and effects, recently releasing it. SU Media completed a second New Testament, Menya, and will be starting a third, Mato, in partnership with FCBH. Please pray that these recordings proceed smoothly, and that Faith Comes By Hearing and SU Media will continue to partner well together in future projects.

Philippines: Thank you for praying for emerging opportunities to equip ministries reaching out to minority religion communities. Recently, on the island of Mindanao where these minority religion communities reside, there has been religious and political unrest. Please pray that the unrest will not hinder the start of new recording projects or opportunities to reach these areas with God’s Word.

Solomon Islands: Thank you for praying! Faith Comes By Hearing trained a new recording team in the final quarter of 2016. They completed their first project, the Fataleka New Testament. This recording took longer than expected because of sickness and unexpected deaths of members of the recording team’s extended family. Their next project will be the Baeggu New Testament. The team will depart soon to begin work on this recording. Please pray that the team is able to recover from the challenges faced during their first project and is able to move on to complete many others, resulting in the Audio Scriptures having great impact in this country.

The Language Recording Coordinator for this region was in Solomon Islands in June to train partners on how to implement Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups. The training was an encouragement to all and opened doors for future ministry in the country, including a trip in September to the Fataleka New Testament dedication where FCBH will provide 100 Mid-sized Proclaimers containing the audio recently completed by the team. Please pray this upcoming trip will be a blessing to the Fataleka people and to FCBH’s partners in the region.

Thailand: Praise God! Pastors who recently attended Faith Comes By Hearing Bible listening training have seen many come to salvation in Jesus Christ. Some of these areas are sensitive and they need prayer for safety and for the people to be open to the Gospel.

Vanuatu: A Virtual Recording project of the Old Testament in Bislama is currently underway. Please pray that the readers will be diligent to complete this project in a smooth, efficient, and timely manner, and that the recording will bear much fruit in this Melanesian society. The project is currently 60% complete.


Diaspora & Refugees: Over 22 million refugees are currently seeking asylum and another 43 million have been forcible displaced. Oftentimes, these displacements occur quickly and the flow of refugees shifts quickly as opportunities for refuge change. Pray for us as we work with our partners to formulate a rapid response system that would allow them to put God’s Word in the hands of the people fleeing in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

Europe: Praise God for the completion of the Euskara (Bosque) New Testament recording. Please pray that the dedication of this new recording is well attended and that it would spark a renewed interest among the Basque people (located in northern Spain) for God’s Word. Praise God for the completion of the Gagauz New Testament recording. The Gagauz are a small people group who are spread across Romania and Moldova. Many of them do

not read their heart language; but rely on an imperfect understanding of Romanian to access God’s Word. Pray that they would hear from God as they hear His Word.

Central Asia: Pray for official approval of a recording project in one country in this region. The government has already approved the Bible translation, but without approval of the recording project, too, voice actors are afraid to participate.

Caucasus Region (Russia): Continue to pray for new partners working in this region. It has been extremely difficult to find partners who are able to minister to the people here. Recordings of Scripture are being done but very few are getting into the region.

Because of the extreme difficulty in working in the following regions, language and country names have been changed or omitted to protect our partners and their workers.


Praise God for allowing us to obtain permission to implement language programs in one of the major languages spoken by 5 million North Africans.

Praise God for the favor and the open doors to use the Global Bible Hub across the region.

Please pray that the agreement for and recording of a minority language (we’ll call it Ubi250) would come together in a short period of time; that the quarter of a million people who speak this language will have an opportunity to hear God’s Word in their language for the first time.

Please pray for an opportunity to partner with one of the oldest and largest traditional churches in the region.

Please pray for wisdom and discernment as the team explores projects for the Global Bible Network.

Pakistan: Please pray for an open door to record more languages for this country.


Christian Leaders: Please pray that leaders in the Body of Christ - local, national, and international - will come to understand the incredible power of mother-tongue Scripture recordings for evangelism and discipleship, and ultimately endorse the widespread use of these recordings in their respective ministries and beyond.

FCBH Program Developers: Please continue to pray for these hard-working, faithful people as they travel in their respective regions to do listening group training and follow-up; as they encourage partners and listening group leaders to promote Scripture engagement; for their health and safety; for strength as they are in the midst of a spiritual battlefield; and for their families.

Recordings & Teams (Field and Virtual): Thank you for continuing to pray for the diligent work of our translation partners, recording teams (45), and studio workers to make Scripture available for those who need to know that God speaks their language.

  • Audio Bibles being recorded: 31 on-location, 17 online
  • Audio Bibles being processed in-studio: 27 field recordings, 7 other
  • wisdom in choosing recording projects; in finding the right participants; and in selecting the most efficient and effective methods
  • health, stamina, and protection for the teams, readers, proofreaders, and all of their families
  • Audio Bibles to have an impact on the lives of the people who listen in their own languages

Render: Praise God for new translation projects underway. Please pray for these projects and the teams working on them:

  • Translation Projects: Four new translation projects have been launched in India. Three Indian nationals were trained to provide tech support, which helps relieve the burden on the Albuquerque team of receiving phone calls in the middle of the night. Seven more projects will be launched by the end of September (4 in Botswana, 2 in Liberia, and 1 in Indonesia).
  • Translation Workshops: Translation workshops for the Ma’di South in Uganda and Kanauji and Sapera in India will be taking place in August and September.
  • Partner relationships: for stability and unity in the midst of changing personnel and roles.
  • New version of Render: Successful testing of version 1.2 that all the problems will be identified and fixed before it is released to the teams.
  • Protection: As the translators, admin, and consultants work on these projects pray the software works smoothly and for God’s hand to guide them to create accurate translations of His Word in every language.

Shipments: Thank you for continuing to pray for shipments of Proclaimers that are en route - for them to be kept safe during transit, to clear customs, and to be received by our partners in a timely manner.

Partnerships: Thank you for your prayers! Amazing partnerships have been formed and we are excited for what God holds in continuing to provide His Word to everyone everywhere.


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