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Audio Bible Products

Thanks for your patience while our web store is under construction! As soon as it is finished, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of online transactions. In the meantime, each of the products below is currently available for purchase via our Customer Service Line. Here’s a brief description of our most popular Audio Bible offerings:

MP3 Discs

A simple and convenient way to listen through the New Testament or entire Bible on your home, computer, and car stereo systems.

Audio New Testaments
available in every recorded language & version (1 disc) – $10

Complete Audio Bibles
available in English only as ESV, KJV, CEV, or NRSV (4 discs) – $29

CDs (English only)

Use your portable CD player to enrich and enliven your spiritual life with God’s Word.

Audio New Testaments
available as ESV (15 discs) or KJV (17 discs) – $29

Audio Old Testaments
available as KJV (56 discs) – $59

Complete Audio Bibles
available as KJV (73 discs) – $79


These personal digital players are battery-powered and come loaded with an English Audio New Testament or Faith Comes By Hearing KIDS Bible (290 Bible stories, plus 81 songs). Earbuds are included; special pricing available for churches.

available as ESV, KJV, CEV, or NRSV – $29

KIDS BibleSticks
available as ESV – $29

Call our Customer Service Line to place your order!

(800) 545-6552, M-F 7am-4pm MT

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