Use Technology to Stay Connected to God

While technology can often be a distraction, it can also be a mechanism to encourage your soul and challenge you in your walk with God. For Christians, spiritual disciplines like listening to the Bible and praying are opportunities to reflect and spend time with God. With growing access to and reliance on technology worldwide, this can happen anywhere at any time.

Technology provides quick access to God’s Word. Over five billion people in the world now possess some type of mobile phone connection, and the number of people who have access to technology continues to grow.

At Faith Comes By Hearing, technology is central to our mission. We want to partner with you to get God’s Word to everyone and cover the world with His Word! What better way to do this than through the latest technology available?

Whether it is through a free Audio Bible download, the Bible.is app (for Android or iOS), our podcast, or another platform, people all over the world have a way to hear God’s Word. As well, the Proclaimer and BibleStick are perfect Bible listening tools for communities with limited access to technology or electricity.

In your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you hold the key to the life-giving truth of Scripture—daily bread for your soul (Deuteronomy 8:3). Download Bible.is for Android or iOS today and dig in.