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The Value of Excellence

A Faith Comes By Hearing employee carefully inspects and packages Audio Bible devices.

Faith Comes By Hearing records the Bible in the world’s languages. From start to finish, we conduct every project with care for two reasons: First, because God’s Word deserves the finest treatment. Second, because hearing Scripture in your language can radically change your life. It’s more than meticulous work. It’s a call to excellence.

Quality Recordings

Faith Comes By Hearing executes every phase of a language recording under a host of quality-assurance procedures. We link arms with trusted local partners and Bible translators. Our text processors painstakingly review scripts for accuracy. Readers for recordings undergo auditions and rehearsals. These are just a few of the measures we take to produce superior Audio Scripture.

Oral Bible Translation
is a great example of how Faith Comes By Hearing’s diligence pays off. For languages with no written form, trained personnel in the language community help speakers internalize portions of Scripture. The recording comes to life as they vocalize what they understand. Careful exegesis safeguards the process. The result of this investment of time and deliberation? The community gains access to God’s audible Word in a format they deeply comprehend.

All completed recordings
—whether accomplished through traditional recording in the field, Virtual Recording, or Oral Bible Translation—are fine-tuned in Faith Comes By Hearing’s studio. When we are satisfied everything meets or exceeds commercial audio standards, we release the recording on a variety of platforms.

Superior Audio Bibles

Commitment to quality was established in Faith Comes By Hearing’s early years. Known then as Hosanna, we operated a cassette tape-lending library of Bibles and Bible teachings. Content standards were high. Listeners appreciated the integrity.  

Excellence called us to narrow our focus. As the world of audio technology advanced, we pivoted to recording Scripture only. We paid careful attention to details like artwork, copyright display, and Audio Bibles loaded onto CDs, USB sticks, and SD cards. Choosing wisely allowed us to present God’s audible Word to individual listeners and small groups in a variety of formats.

In another demonstration of our devotion to high-quality Bible audio, Faith Comes By Hearing developed our premier listening device, the Proclaimer. As many as 500 people at once can hear God’s Word in their language anytime, anywhere. The Proclaimer is a virtually indestructible audio player pre-loaded with Scripture on an embedded microchip. It is powered by rechargeable batteries, AC adapter, and, in areas where there is no electricity, by solar panel or hand crank.

Bible listeners engage digitally on Bible.is, Bible apps, and our website. As with physical devices, we prioritize excellence in development, presentation, and maintenance of all our online platforms.

The Impact

Sometimes, Bibles that cannot be read collect dust on shelves, never realizing their life-changing potential. In our 50-year history, Faith Comes By Hearing has learned the difference high product standards make. Producing quality recordings that become versatile Audio Bibles expands Scripture impact to the lives of non-readers everywhere. There’s no doubting the purpose and power of Scripture in testimonies like these from Bible listeners all over the world:

I lived with guilt and shame until I heard the Bible in my language. God has forgiven me. The Word of God has come alive, and I am growing in my faith.

My heart changed as I listened to Jesus forgive those who crucified Him on the cross. Joy has replaced bitterness and liberated me from thoughts of revenge.

As I listened to the Bible, peace invaded my entire being. Today I am a child of God transformed by the work of Jesus. Guilt has no place in my life. I thank God for His forgiveness.

For God and Those Yet to Hear

The Bible is unique. In ancient times, Hebrew scribes penned every highly esteemed word God entrusted to them with awe and respect. His devoted servants cleaned their pens and ceremonially washed each time they recorded His name. Joshua, one of the earliest leaders of God’s people, taught them to keep His laws the focus of their conversations and thoughts.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall
meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. – Joshua 1:8

Faith Comes By Hearing agrees. In everything we do, we strive for excellence because God, and everyone yet to hear Him speak, deserves it.

God’s excellent Word to more people around the world. For more on Faith Comes By Hearing’s core values, read: “The Value of Vision.”