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Consistency is the Key to Success

Does it make a difference in your day when you read or listen to the Bible? Is it worth the time commitment? Read these personal stories that say: It is totally worth it.

In many remote places in our world, even clergy have minimal access to Scripture. When Audio Bibles in the heart language enter, pastors are changed on a personal level. They are also equipped to better teach and disciple their congregations. Reverend Amara, Sierra Leonean pastor of more than 15 years, rejoices that because of Audio Scripture in their language, he can now help his people to understand the Word better.

Inadequate. Limited. Less than.
All her life Rosie claimed these descriptors, prompting depression, alcohol addiction, and wasted years. Her physical blindness cost Rosie her sight, but it cost her a joyful life as well. A friend finally convinced her to listen to a Proclaimer. Jesus’ words describing a blind man released Rosie from her self-imposed prison: “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him” (John 9:3). Everything has changed for Rosie now. Gone is her desire to hide behind bottles of alcohol. Here to stay is her embrace of new life, her yearning to hear and follow the Gospel.

Drug addiction is rampant in Southeast Asia. Christian rehab centers utilize Audio Bibles to soothe recovering addicts through the grueling detox phase. Listening to God’s comforting Word, their violent outbursts cease, and detox time is reduced from three weeks to one. Many recoverees join Audio Bible listening groups for their entire stay, then assist new arrivals, Audio Bible in hand for the difficult hours ahead.

“As new believers, if the only time we listen to the Bible is at church on Sunday, we are not strengthened in our faith much. The Proclaimer is the most effective tool to help us grow in our new faith,” shares Kanza from Nigeria.

The foundational commitment of Faith Comes By Hearing is to record God’s Word in every language that needs it. For almost 50 years, we have witnessed over and over the truth that listening regularly to God’s Word changes lives.

Join the movement. Download the Audio Bible for free. Donate to provide audible Scriptures to those still waiting.