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Bringing the Bible to Life in One Thousand Languages

Faith Comes By Hearing exists to share God’s Word in audio. Every month we add more of the world’s languages to our inventory of Bible recordings destined to become freely accessible on a variety of platforms. One of the most effective formats is the Gospel Film.

What is a Gospel Film?

Five years ago, Faith Comes By Hearing was introduced to Hannah Leader of LUMO, a ministry responsible for stunningly accurate films of the Gospels. Hannah’s vision to create an authentic depiction of Christ and His ministry paired beautifully with our mission to record and freely provide God’s Word. LUMO’s full-length feature films are scripted word-for-word with Bible text. In a match made in heaven, these videos and Faith Comes By Hearing’s audio bring the Bible to life.

Hannah’s Dream and Vision 2033

Hannah longed for the day when LUMO’s films of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John would extend beyond major people groups to reach 1,000 language communities. Again, our visions aligned. Faith Comes By Hearing endeavors to create a recording of Scripture for every language that needs it by the year 2033. Now each time we create a new recording, we consider the opportunity to provide the language community with a Gospel Film.

Senga Speakers Meet Jesus in Living Color

120,000 Senga speakers in Zambia have no written form of communication. Joined by trained local partners, Faith Comes By Hearing employed Oral Bible Translation (OBT) to create a recording of the books of Luke and Acts. OBT incorporates internalization: Techniques such as acting out the text, using hand motions, or associating portions of the passage with physical objects help the translators deeply understand God's Word and make it a part of themselves. The language community then gains immediate access to God’s Word through OBT.

The Gospels build a meaningful bridge to Christ for the Senga people. Zambian oral histories relate the story of a king who ordered the death of all male children yet to be born. People fled the king’s terrifying rule, and many landed in the area which today is Zambia. When the Senga learn that Jesus’ parents fled the mandate of King Herod to destroy all male children two years and under, they find a Savior acquainted with their ancestors’ struggle to survive.

The Senga’s eager reception of Scripture in their mother tongue inspired Faith Comes By Hearing to use their recording of Luke in a Gospel Film. As the Senga connect with Jesus and the wealth of truth the film provides, individual life transformation spreads to family and friends.

In 2021, Hannah Leader’s dream was fulfilled. Together with LUMO, Faith Comes By Hearing celebrated God’s marvelous provision through our collaboration. The Senga Gospel Film marks the 1,000th language adaptation.

Looking to the Future

Faith Comes By Hearing rejoices whenever more languages are added to our list of Scripture recordings. We do so mindful that still others need access to the Bible in a format they can understand. Gospel Films are available in well over 1,000 languages and counting. Each film becomes a vehicle for viewers to connect with Christ as He walks with and teaches His disciples. Some watch on projectors in remote villages. Some view at home in online watching groups. We look forward to creating future recordings, further embracing partnership with LUMO, and bringing the Bible to life for thousands more around the world.

Watch the Gospel Film in more than 1,000 languages online on Bible.is or download the app today.