A speaker hears a Scripture passage in another language that they understand.


The speaker translates and records the same passage in their language.


Peer review, community testing, and consultant checking occurs.


The people listen to this passage using various tools, such as SD cards on their mobile phones or Proclaimers.

Rachel lives in a remote country. Only 700 people speak her language. There is nothing written as her language has no alphabet. Rachel has learned about life through the stories her mother and grandmother told. She shares these same stories with her children. Though she has learned the trade language spoken in her country, her mother tongue is the one that she views and interacts with the world around her. With no alphabet, no Bible translation, and no Bible recording, how will Rachel ever know about Jesus Christ?

Enter Render, an oral Bible translation software.

Render was developed in partnership with Pioneer Bible Translators and Seed Company to ensure oral learners who do not have Scripture, like Rachel, have the opportunity to hear God’s Word in their mother tongues.

Yes, I want to help!

Watch this one minute video to learn more about Render. For additional Render resources, or if you are a translation partner wanting to begin a Render project, please visit our Render Partners site.