Great Mission

Great Mission

We are laser-focused on one vision – God’s Word everywhere for everyone – and committed to every person experiencing God’s Word in their own language.

Our Mission

Great People

Great People

As missions-minded believers who are passionate about God’s Word, our diverse skills and talents are united in accomplishing the impossible by His grace.

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Great Culture

Our greatest asset is our people, and we show it! We have been named a “Top Workplace” in New Mexico, as well as the #1 company where employees felt appreciated.

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Current Open Positions

  • Global Shipping Coordinator

    Posted: September 14, 2018

    This is a full-time position working with managers, supervisors and administrators; receiving, preparing and processing orders and ensuring they are shipped to field partners or customers in a timely manner. This person will work with multiple departments to schedule production and shipping of orders, and communicate with departments, businesses, government entities and international partner organizations. Manage written and verbal communications and large volumes of information. Works with the I-5 and Language Project Tracking System (LPTS) database/systems.

  • Director of Asia Strategy & Asia Board Liaison

    Posted: August 23, 2018

    This role supports the mission of FCBH by effectively creating high-level strategies and program opportunities throughout Asia. Serves as key link between FCBH, FCBH Asia Board, Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB), and other partners to come by coordinating program opportunities and overseeing implementation and funding management. Additionally, this position provides leadership and oversight for activities throughout East Asia, including acquiring agreements, identifying recording and Oral Bible Translation opportunities, implementing relevant FCBH Scripture use tools, strategies and programs throughout the region, and building partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals.

  • Software Programmer

    Posted: June 28, 2018

    Add your skills to an Agile programming team who together design, implement, and maintain desktop, web, and mobile applications. Applications will include distributed oral translation tools, audio recording tools, content distribution, and other applications as required. Collaborate with talented and passionate people with a wide range of skills and international experience to realize a shared vision of making audio Bibles easily accessible to all people in their heart language.

  • Partnership Facilitator for Central Asia and Eastern Europe (Supported Position)

    Posted: June 05, 2018

    Faith Comes By Hearing is looking for a Partnership Facilitator for Central Asia and Eastern Europe (Supported Position) to support the ministry for God.
    This is a full-time position working under Global Partnerships to develop and grow partnerships, determine Scripture recording needs/priorities and design and initiate Scripture Engagement projects in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The person in this role is responsible for vetting Scripture translations for recordings and securing all necessary agreements. (This is a self-funded position).

  • Americas Area Coordinator (Supported Position)

    Posted: June 05, 2018

    Faith Comes By Hearing is looking for an Americas Area Coordinator (Supported Position) to support the ministry for God.
    The Americas Area Coordinator assists the Americas Area Director (AD) in developing and maintaining partnerships, vetting Scripture translations for recordings, securing necessary agreements, relate to recording teams to coordinate, initiate and complete recordings; implement Scripture engagement projects - ensuring consistency with organizational strategy, commitments and goals; relate to Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) field coordinators, ministry partners; assume oversight of record keeping, financial transactions, special projects, and training and hospitality services. (This is a self-funded position).

  • Oral Bible Translation Trainer

    Posted: February 15, 2018

    Faith Comes By Hearing has a full-time position available for an Oral Bible Translation Trainer who will assist in implementing Render, an oral Bible translation software; train others on both the software and oral Bible translation, as well as on how to launch Render projects; and contribute to the overall training strategy in launching Render projects around the world.

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