Great Mission

Great Mission

We are laser-focused on one vision – God’s Word everywhere for everyone – and committed to every person experiencing God’s Word in their own language.

Our Mission

Great People

Great People

As missions-minded believers who are passionate about God’s Word, our diverse skills and talents are united in accomplishing the impossible by His grace.

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Great Culture

Our greatest asset is our people, and we show it! We have been named a “Top Workplace” in New Mexico, as well as the #1 company where employees felt appreciated.

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Current Open Positions

  • Scripture Engagement Data Analyst

    Posted: March 07, 2018

    Faith Comes By Hearing is looking for a Scripture Engagement Data Analyst to support the ministry for God.
    The Scripture Engagement Data Analyst leads Faith Comes By Hearing’s efforts to collect, analyze, and present Scripture engagement data, in support of informed decision making and accurate communication by FCBH and partners. Data scope includes FCBH data from Digital Bible Platform, web and mobile apps, and related data from partners. This person must have passion for the cause, data analysis experience, and excellent communication skills.

  • Render Product Specialist

    Posted: March 01, 2018

    Faith Comes By Hearing is looking for a Render Product Specialist to support the ministry for God.
    The Render Product Specialist position is full-time and will assist the Language Recording Department in creating and implementing the use of Render, an oral Bible translation software; assist the Director of Oral Bible Strategies in various aspects of Render projects, including project setup, coordination of action items for and liaising with the development team, and completion of essential organizational tasks.

  • Render Operations Coordinator

    Posted: February 28, 2018

    Are you an Operations Coordinator interested in using your talents for ministry?
    Faith Comes By Hearing has a full-time position available for a Render Operations Coordinator to coordinate the daily operations of the team responsible for the implementation of the Render software, which is an oral Bible translation software.

  • Oral Bible Translator Trainer

    Posted: February 15, 2018

    Are you interested in Oral Bible Translation and want to use your talents for ministry?
    Faith Comes By Hearing has a full-time position available for an Oral Bible Translator Trainer who will assist in implementing Render, an oral Bible translation software; train others on both the software and oral Bible translation, as well as on how to launch Render projects; and contribute to the overall training strategy in launching Render projects around the world.

  • Graphic Designer

    Posted: February 08, 2018

    Faith Comes By Hearing has a full-time position available for a Graphic Designer responsible for the creation of graphic design projects, from start to finish, including meeting with the requestor to understand the project, creating initial designs, making changes based on feedback, and finalizing for distribution. This also includes working with specifications, timelines, and proofing projects that are in process; and working with other in-house designers, contract designers, and other team members to deliver excellent quality and timely delivery.

  • Area Director- Africa

    Posted: January 18, 2018

    Are you passionate about Scripture and want to impact Africa?
    Faith Comes By Hearing has a full-time position available for an Area Director for Africa whose first priority is to develop and nurture strong relationships with ministry partners; also responsible for acquiring rights to new translations, establishing and coordinating Scripture engagement activities, and promoting collaboration among ministry partners. As FCBH’s expert in a particular geographic sphere, the Area Director works with other departments to assist in the formation and implementation of the international components of their programs; also responsible for seeking out new opportunities for partnership and Scripture engagement, oversees all budgets, collaborates in promotion and fundraising efforts, and supervises assigned support staff and field coordinators.

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