What We Do

The World's Largest Catalog of Audio Bibles

Faith Comes By Hearing offers the world’s largest catalog of Audio Bibles to individuals and nations who hunger to hear.

Offering every person on our planet equal access to the Bible requires meeting the unique needs of generations, technical societies, and fast-paced lifestyles. It also means meeting the cultural and literacy challenges presented when working in underdeveloped countries. Faith Comes By Hearing is rising to meet the biblical needs of a complex world through modern technology.  MP3 Bible, BibleSticks for all ages, and third-world culturally adapted playback units, Proclaimer, are just a taste of the technology that God is using to spread His Word throughout the world with Faith Comes By Hearing programs. And, the plans include offering this technology in every language or tongue…

His Purpose, His Plan

We could see the Great Commission completed in our lifetime! This could be the generation to bow before our Lord and offer Him the inheritance of the nations.

For the first time in history, every language (or ethnos) group has been identified and there are 6,809 in our world today. Faith Comes By Hearing's goal is to record and provide Audio New Testaments in every translated language, making the fulfillment of the Great Commission a reality in our lifetime!

Currently, Faith Comes By Hearing offers 853 languages, reaching more than 5.7 billion people in more than 190 countries.

There are still language groups that need an Audio Bible in their mother tongue.  There are people who wait to hear God's Word because they cannot read it.


Faith Comes By Hearing QuotationSo then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17 (NKJV)