The Proclaimer: Reaching the World

The Proclaimer is an audio player that allows people in countries all over the world to experience God’s Word in their own language. This remarkable creation contains a specially engineered speaker system, designed to let groups of up to 300 people listen to the audio Bible together. The digital quality creates a clear, audible sound without any distortion.

Nearly indestructible, the player is able to stand up to harsh climates and does not require any cassette tapes or CDs. Instead, the New Testament is recorded in the selected language, and then programmed on a microchip, which is embedded in the player. This microchip cannot be erased and will not wear out from frequent playing.  

Many areas of the world have little or no access to electricity. The Proclaimer was created with solutions to this challenge. It can be charged from multiple power sources: solar, the dynamo hand-crank, or the AC/DC charger. It can also run on its rechargeable battery, which plays for 15 hours. The solar panel can be used to recharge the battery, creating opportunities for the entire New Testament to be played repeatedly.

The compact size of the Proclaimer makes it possible to reach remote villages and secluded areas of the world with God’s Word. Its convenience and portability make it ideal for use in schools and churches. 

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