The Proclaimer

A Ministry Tool like No Other

We consider the Proclaimer** to be a gift from God. Why? Because the inspiration for it came during three days of fasting and prayer by the entire staff of Faith Comes By Hearing. The Proclaimer is a digital player dedicated to playing God's Word in the local heart language. See how it works!

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How does the Proclaimer work?

  • An installed microchip contains Scriptures in the heart language; the chip will not erase or wear out from frequent playing.
  • The battery will play for 15 hours and can be recharged enough times to play the entire New Testament more than 1,000 times.
  • The Proclaimer has a built-in generator and solar panel to charge the battery.
  • The solar panel, in addition to charging the battery, will run the Proclaimer even without battery power as long as there is sunlight.
  • The sound is digital quality and loud enough to be heard clearly by groups as large as 300.

The Proclaimer was developed primarily as a playback device for poor and illiterate people who may not have any other source to hear God's Word. Our goal is to use the Proclaimer in the majority of our FCBH programs worldwide.

Have more questions or need help with your Proclaimer? View Proclaimer FAQs and troubleshooting tips here.

Resources and Information

For your convenience, operating instructions are available in PDF format for download. English, Spanish, and French instructions are provided.

If you have the M2 model of the Proclaimer (see the label under the solar panel), please use the instructions below.

 FCBH staff prays over the first shipment of Proclaimers. Anointing of the Proclaimers