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Space Technology and the Great Commission

By Troy Carl, Vice President Space Technology and the Great Commission

Space is no more than 80 miles away from every person on Earth. As political scientist Daniel Deudney once observed, that’s closer than most people are to their own national capitals!

Space technology greatly improves many aspects of our lives and we are starting to rely on it more and more each day. Approximately 1,000 active satellites currently provide a whole host of services that improve our world in many ways – from the navigational tools in our cars to the daily weather forecast.

Space technology also helps address some of the 
major challenges the world is facing, including human rights abuses, depletion of natural resources, and other issues like universalizing access to healthcare and education. Space might also be the last step to reaching every human on Earth with the Gospel.

Acts 2:1–41 tells us how God launched the Church on the Day of Pentecost and spread His message of hope through faith in Jesus Christ. Interestingly, it states in verse 5 of this chapter that “every nation under heaven” was there that day. Every nation?

The word “nation” here is the Greek word ETHNOS meaning language, tribe, and tongue. On that very special day in history, God saw to it that a contingency from every people [was] there and 3,000 more were added to the church – including those from every language.

According to Historical Estimates of World Population – United States Census Bureau, there were some 300 million people alive around AD 30, the time at which scholars agree Acts chapter 2 took place. From that moment, the Church began to disperse as converts to Christianity multiplied and every ethnos traversed the Roman road systems. Now some two millennia later, there are 7,000-plus languages spoken by 7 billion people and what was seemingly an impossible commission by Jesus to get His Gospel to every language, tribe, and tongue now may be just 80 miles above us.

Space technology today is available to anyone with the money and the resolve to exploit it. Companies like SpaceX, Google, and Amazon – three juggernauts in the tech industry – have joined the race to make services available to the masses. They plan to leverage space technology and catalyze the development community to build hardware and software that can connect to it.

We are all accustomed to using our mobile phones, tablets, and other data-hungry devices at all times, wherever we are. Cisco accurately predicted that 90% of total IP traffic by 2015 would be a form of IP video (Internet video, IP video-on-demand, video files exchanged through file sharing, video-streamed gaming, and video conferencing). All of this technology will depend on the use of frequency spectrum. So, too, will the robust global telecoms system that we need to support other essential communications services such as navigation, air traffic control, disaster relief, search and rescue, and, yes, even the Gospel message.

Satellites offer tremendous reach and therefore widen access to Scriptures, especially if we can deliver it to every ethnos or language spoken in the world. Satellites are also the best way for broadcasting content into a country, between regions, and across the globe in the most advanced and high-quality digital format – at a cost that is independent of the number of users.

As these services expand and become more accessible, demand will continue to grow. By bringing content closer to the users and network edges, using profiling algorithms and local storage, satellites will deliver high-quality content and especially enable video-on-demand-type applications. This will all further the reach of systems like Deaf Bible,, and all the various applications utilizing the Digital Bible Platform.

Each of these rapid advancements continue to inspire me! Could it be that the Creator of the universe is waiting for all the ethnos of the world to be in one place again? Just like on the Day of Pentecost, every language under heaven was there. Soon every language under heaven will have access to the Gospel as it rides on the 21st Century’s Roman road . . . satellites.

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