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Show Your Love!

Show Your Love!

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.
– John 15:12

A bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, candy hearts, and fancy cards are ways of expressing love on Valentine’s Day. For those who faithfully serve our country, February 14th means another day away from the people they love most. They may exchange cards or make phone calls, but a long-distance celebration is difficult. This February you can show our military and their families how much you care by sharing the love of Christ with them.

To mark the thirteenth year of active deployment since September 11th, Faith Comes By Hearing has set a goal of providing 13,000 additional Military BibleSticks before February 14th, as a tangible expression of our love and appreciation for those serving in the Armed Forces.

Faith Comes By Hearing is privileged to work with more than 1,400 chaplains in all branches of the service to provide over 390,000 Military BibleSticks to our men and women in uniform. These pocket-sized digital audio players bring hope, peace, and courage to those who need His presence in their lives every day. Every Military BibleStick contains the New Testament along with 65 minutes of Psalms, including Psalm 91, which is known as the Warrior’s Psalm.

This testimony from an Army Lieutenant Colonel illustrates the difference a Military BibleStick can make:

“I am a military service member and received your Military BibleStick before I deployed to Afghanistan. I want you to know that this has been the best gift ever! In the past, I often found reading the New Testament a bit difficult. But now that I have your MP3 player, it has allowed me to reach a deeper understanding of the messages therein. I always use the player while working out or while engrossed in work. The narrators really bring to light the power of God’s Word. I count your gift as one of God’s blessings for it has allowed me to really understand the path He has put me on!”

Every church that gives $1,300 this year will receive a plaque thanking them for their participation, and recognizing that they have provided a Military BibleStick to one serviceman or woman and their family for each week of 2014. February is a great time to show your love for our troops by providing Military BibleSticks!

We thank God every time we hear of churches like Zion Lutheran Church (Stillwater, OK), Calvary Chapel of Manitowoc (Manitowoc, WI), Redeemers Church West (Grove City, OH), Mayhill Baptist Church (Mayhill, NM), Ujima Christian Church (Ewing, NJ), and over 7,000 other congregations who support our troops through the Military BibleStick program.

Image 1: Army Soldier listening to his Military BibleStick.
Image 2: Army Soldier receiving a Military BibleStick from his Chaplain.

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