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Bible Blog Prayer Prayer February 2016: Eurasia/Middle East

Prayer February 2016: Eurasia/Middle East

Prayer February 2016: Eurasia/Middle East

Praise God and thank you for praying! Your prayers are being answered and so many wonderful things are taking place in this region of the world!

Refugees are pouring into this region, which is causing many ministries to rethink their strategies. They suddenly have a need for God’s Word in many languages they had never anticipated using – specifically in audio. Please continue to pray that we would be able to meet these needs; for Christians working along the fenced borders, distributing BibleSticks to Afghan, Syrian, and Iraqi refugees; for divine appointments to minister eternal hope to these people whose physical and economic hopes have been dashed.

Because of the extreme difficulty in working in the following regions, language and country names have been changed or omitted to protect our partners and their workers.

Caucasus Region:
Continue to pray for reliable contacts in recording a language referred to as ‘Z.’

Middle East:
Please continue to pray for the Afghan, Syrian, and Iraqi refugees who are receiving God’s Word on BibleSticks to have an opportunity to meet with a believer and be discipled; that we would be able to build a community of workers who are capable of transporting large quantities of Mini Proclaimers, BibleSticks, and micro-SD cards into the region; for workers who continue to take BibleSticks and micro-SD cards into Iran to share the Good News with any who will listen.

Praise God for the many listening groups now forming all over the country! Continue to pray for the safety of the workers and for the participants; for protection from the violence inflicted upon Christians by members of the majority faith.

Posted: 2/9/2016

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