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Bible Blog Prayer Pray With Us: February 2018 - April 2018

Pray With Us: February 2018 - April 2018

 Pray With Us: February 2018 - April 2018

Faith Comes By Hearing Family

Thank you for faithfully praying for the health, safety, and protection of our ministry’s leadership, employees and their families, and hundreds of partners in the field worldwide.

Thank you for your faithful prayers during 2017. God provided the qualified people at the right time. We hired 27 new staff members: Audio Editor—filled by someone who has great editing experience; Production Manager—filled by someone very qualified with overseas mission experience; HR Staffing Coordinator—filled by someone with a passion to pursue HR and a supportive and helpful spirit; Video Producer—filled by someone creative and motivated in Video Production for many years; Manager of Technology—filled by someone with very seasoned technology experience and great leadership skills. Please pray that the Lord provides the right people to join us in the positions of: Render Training Coordinator, Render Support Software Programmer, and Executive Assistant to the VP. Also, continue to pray for all the new staff as they learn their responsibilities and gain knowledge of the ministry.

Funding Opportunities (both nationally and internationally)

Thank you for continuing to pray as we reach out to donors and potential donors for help in getting God’s Word to everyone everywhere.

Global Bible Network

Thank you for praying for the implementation of the Global Apps and Hubs across countries where people with little to no Internet access can receive digital Bible content on their smartphones.

Military BibleStick Program

This February marks the 75th commemoration of the sinking of the USS Dorchester and the four chaplains who put their lives on the line to save more than 200 men onboard. Thank you for praying for the chaplains we work with today who continue to provide God’s Word on the Military BibleStick.


Praise God! Our partners in this region continue to share God’s Word, bringing hope and salvation to broken hearts and lives. One partner shared a testimony from a woman who was sad and troubled by the death of her daughter. When the woman heard the Proclaimer she said it was now that she found a true consoler who is never tired. From that moment on she remains attached to the Word of God.

We are excited to see what the Lord will do in 2018 as we begin working with some new partners. We have been so encouraged and blessed by our existing partners as they promote Scripture engagement all over the continent. Praise God—over 8,700 new listening groups were implemented in 2017! Thank you for your support and your prayers. We believe the Lord will move in a mighty way in Africa in 2018!


Argentina: Praise God! The Toba Sur New Testament recording has been completed and a training and launch have been planned. Please pray for shipping and customs challenges that are being investigated in order to get Proclaimers into the country.

Bolivia: Please pray for listening groups that are ongoing in a number of languages.

Brazil: Praise God for good meetings with ministry leaders and for the Scripture recording movement.

Colombia: Please pray for the new listening groups that are beginning in more than 10 languages; for the completion of the Tatuyo New Testament recording.

Cuba: Please pray for the listening groups that are beginning all across the island.

Easter Island: Please pray for the planning process of a New Testament recording.

Ecuador: Please pray for the FCBH Coordinator as he travels to conduct training for new listening group leaders.

Guatemala: Please pray for several hundred new listening groups being launched in nearly 10 languages.

Mexico: Please pray for recordings and the challenges of finding good voice talent; also for the teams implementing listening groups in Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Nicaragua: Please pray for the release of Proclaimers held in customs; for several hundred listening groups that will be started in schools; for the planning process of the Mayangna New Testament recording.

Paraguay: Please pray for the FCBH Coordinator as he travels to the country to conduct listening group training; for the new joint recording team as they prepare to start recording projects.

Peru: Please pray for the recordings that are in process and the challenge of finding good voice talent; for the listening groups that are being launched in the Huánuco region.


Thank you for your prayers! Since the last update, Asia has seen partnerships be strengthened, new ones develop, and multiple in-country partners begin to network together in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Bangladesh: Thank you for your prayers! 2018 will be a year of new opportunities mostly through the strong and positive relationship with the Bible Society. Please continue to pray for discussions taking place on how to determine best practices in pursuing the Global Bible Network process in this diverse region.

India: Praise God! The first phase of the Global Bible Network has been completed with positive experiences in learning how to develop the model. Several adjustments were made to the plan. Your prayers are important as we need to utilize the wisdom we received during the pilot, and determine how to broaden the implementation so more people will have access to the Truth!

Please pray! The government continues to implement different strategies in an effort to discourage Christian growth throughout the country. A recent mandate describes multiple acts of violence and other harmful actions to cause Christians to stop spreading God’s Word. Please pray for wisdom and peace for those who will be affected.

Indonesia: Please pray for new partnerships that are forming and doors opening to several opportunities to do more Bible recordings and listening programs in 2018.

Thank you for praying! The 2018 recording schedule has come together. Fourteen New Testaments are on the list to be recorded; we have received most of the electronic texts for scripting and the bulk of the necessary agreements to proceed with the recordings. Please pray for God’s direction and favor on the administrative work of identifying which translations to record, finding the texts, and signing the agreements—direction to discover where to look; favor to be welcomed by partners to pursue the recording projects in collaboration with them and the communities where the languages are spoken.

Please pray for God to comfort the family of one of the husband-wife recording teams serving in Indonesia. The husband passed away unexpectedly on Christmas Day.

Malaysia: Please pray for the training and successful launch of the new field recording team. This team is managed under a joint recording partnership with an in-country organization.

Papua New Guinea: Thank you for praying for the Central Buang recording. It has just been released from the studio. Please pray that people’s lives would be changed for His glory as they listen.

Please pray for a strong start to the new year. We lost some of our long-time field leadership at the end of 2017. The recording team will need help to complete the Bwanabwana recording on their own.

Philippines: Please pray for the recording teams as they begin projects for this year in the hopes of completing four recordings.

Thank you for praying for the FCBH representative’s trip. It was successful and many key relationships were made, including contacts for a recording in a sensitive minority religion community. She is there now until mid-March. Please pray that the agenda will yield fruitful, deepening partnerships; that she maintains good stamina and health to accomplish the work God needs her to do. Please also pray for members of the Faith Comes By Hearing board as they prepare for an upcoming week-long vision trip.

Solomon Islands: Thank you for praying! Faith Comes By Hearing’s new recording team completed their first project—the Fataleka New Testament—and began working on their second—the Baeggu New Testament. Please pray that the team is able to recover from the challenges faced during their first project so that this second project moves along smoothly, and that they increase their skills in order to complete many other Scripture recordings, resulting in great impact in this country.

Please pray that the Proclaimers in Rovina, Fataleka, and Arosi will have a positive impact among the people who speak these languages. Pray also that the Global Bible Hub provided to our field partner will effectively provide the Pijin, Owa, Arosi, Fataleka, and Roviana recordings to those who have smartphones.

Vanuatu: A Virtual Recording project of the Old Testament in Bislama is currently underway. Please pray that the readers will be diligent to complete this project in a smooth, efficient, and timely manner, and that the recording will bear much fruit in this Melanesian society. The project is currently 84% complete.


Diaspora & Refugees: The refugee situation in Europe continues to change, even though the flow of new refugees into the continent has been curtailed. The latest phenomenon is called “secondary relocation”—where a refugee is given asylum in an assigned country, but fails to assimilate. Then they move again to their preferred country to find permanent placement. Pray for more partnerships with ministries working with refugees as we work to implement “A Rapid Response for Refugees”—a project that puts God’s Word into the hands of people fleeing persecution and turmoil in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Pray for those refugees who are still stuck in the countries of initial entry (Greece, Italy, and Spain) that they would be able to get an Audio New Testament in their heart language. Pray that the churches in these countries would reach out to them so they do not feel like they must relocate. Pray also for access to New Testament texts in Danish, Dutch, German, French, and Norwegian for use in the Global Bible App and A Rapid Response for Refugees. These languages are needed by ministries helping refugees to settle in these countries.

Praise God for the release of the Good News German translation and recording by the German Bible Society for use in the Global Bible App!

Praise God for new relationships being formed with churches in Europe! Pray as the details are worked out to get God’s Word into the hands of each believer; and for favor with the Bible Societies in Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece that own the rights to the approved texts.

Because of the extreme difficulty in working in the following regions, language, and country names have been changed or omitted to protect our partners and their workers.

Central Asia: Pray for official approval of a recording project in one country in this region. The government has already approved the Bible translation, but without approval of the recording project, too, voice actors are afraid to participate.

Caucasus Region (Russia): Continue to pray for new partners working in this region. It has been extremely difficult to find partners who are able to minister to the people here. Recordings of Scripture are being done but very few are getting into the region.


Praise God for the ability to add a key language for North Africa and make it available for listening programs! Please pray for wisdom regarding several opportunities to collaborate with partners working in North Africa.

Praise God for a pilot project with a traditional church in the Middle East!

Please pray for wisdom on how to strategically plan Global Bible Network activities for 2018.

Pakistan: Praise God for the work being done by one of our partners engaging people with God’s Word in the northern part of the country! Please pray for a pilot project with a major partner and a new local partner to implement Audio Bible listening groups.

WorldwideChristian Leaders: Please pray that leaders in the Body of Christ—local, national, and international—will come to understand the incredible power of mother-tongue Scripture recordings for evangelism and discipleship, and ultimately endorse the widespread use of these recordings in their respective ministries and beyond.

FCBH Program Developers: Please continue to pray for these hard-working, faithful people as they travel in their respective regions to do listening group training and follow-up; as they encourage partners and listening group leaders to promote Scripture engagement; for their health and safety; for strength as they are in the midst of a spiritual battlefield; and for their families.

Recordings & Teams (Field and Virtual): Thank you for continuing to pray for the diligent work of our translation partners, recording teams (45), and studio workers to make Scripture available for those who need to know that God speaks their language.

  • Audio Bibles being recorded: 26 on-location, 17 online
  • Audio Bibles being processed in-studio: 29 field recordings, 27 other
  • wisdom in choosing recording projects; in finding the right participants; and in selecting the most efficient and effective methods
  • health, stamina, and protection for the teams, readers, proofreaders, and all of their families
  • Audio Bibles to have an impact on the lives of the people who listen in their own languages

Render: Praise God for new translation projects underway. Please pray for these projects and the teams working on them:

  • New Version of Render: Praise God that Render 2.0 was released earlier this year! Pray for the team as they migrate the current projects to the new version.
  • Translation Projects: Five new oral Bible translation projects were launched in Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia in November 2017.
  • Ongoing Projects: Two language groups are nearing the completion of the book of Genesis. Please pray they will finish well and that the Scriptures will have a deep impact on the hearts and lives of those in the community. There are currently 19 active projects.
  • Permissions: Please pray that National Bible Societies and other Bible text holders would freely grant permission for the use of their Bibles as a source language in translation projects. The lack of permission has become a barrier to starting some of the projects.
  • Partner relationships: Please pray for stability and unity in the midst of changing personnel and roles.
  • Protection: Please pray that as the translators, admin, and consultants work on these projects the software works smoothly and for God’s hand to guide them to create accurate translations of His Word in every language.

Thank you for continuing to pray for shipments of Proclaimers that are en route—for them to be kept safe during transit, to clear customs, and to be received by our partners in a timely manner.

Partnerships: Thank you for your prayers! Amazing partnerships have been formed and we are excited for what God holds in continuing to provide His Word to everyone everywhere.


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