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One Life At a Time

One Life At a Time

“It comforts me in my time of grief and the words help me get back close to God. Thank you.” These are the words of just one service member who received a Military BibleStick. Many more military men and women like this one have received the spiritual support of peace, healing, and encouragement during the hardships of military service because of these devices.

More than 500,000 men and women serving our country have access to God’s pure truth; but there are many, many more who still need it. Each year, nearly 180,000 members of the military retire and move back into civilian life. Then 180,000 new recruits take their place, training and being sent out around the world to serve and protect our country.

More than 1,500 chaplains in every branch of the military request BibleSticks for those under their care. These servants tell us this may be the most effective tool that they have ever had to ensure the troops are equipped with the most important thing before leaving home: the spiritual armor of God.

“It has greatly advanced my faith and increased my knowledge of God’s Word.” These pocket-sized, digital audio players are loaded with the complete New Testament and specially selected Psalms like Psalm 91, the Warrior’s Psalm. Our military heroes can increase their faith like this one mentions, and continue to receive the hope and courage they need every day.

“It has helped renew my faith.” We are grateful for the over 7,000 churches across the nation who have partnered with us to reach our servicemen and women, one life at a time. More troops need this resource! Your church can help meet that need and transform one life, 40 lives, or even the lives of an entire platoon, by helping us send more Military BibleSticks.

Every $25 provides a Military BibleStick to a service member. The kit also includes a reply card for the service member to request free MP3 Bibles for their spouse and children back home. A gift of $1,000 will provide enough BibleSticks for 40 service members and their families; $2,500 provides 100 service members (an entire platoon) with BibleSticks.

For more information, call us at (800) 545-6552 or visit

We are proud to stand with churches like St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (Stendal, IN), Bible Baptist of Huntersville (Muncy, PA), Life Church at Wayside (Springfield, OR), Muchinippi Church (Jackson Center, OH), Cornerstone Community Church (Sacramento, CA), and more than 7,000 other churches who are providing God’s Word in audio to our brave men and women in uniform.

Image: Soldiers opening their newly received Military BibleSticks.

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