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Home For Christmas

Hearing our favorite Christmas songs each year is part of what makes the holiday season special. Did you know the familiar Christmas song I’ll Be Home For Christmas was originally written to honor soldiers serving overseas during World War II? The lyrics tell the story of a soldier writing a letter to his family at home. He tells them he wants to be home for the celebration and asks them to have all of his favorite things ready. The homesick soldier says, “Please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree.” He envisions a warm Christmas Eve with family, and then in a sobering note of reality, the weary G.I. concludes with the words, “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.”

Lyricist Kim Gannon said when he wrote the song he was not only thinking of those serving our nation overseas, but of all of the people who were not able to be home for Christmas. When I’ll Be Home For Christmas was released in 1943, it touched the hearts of both soldiers and civilians alike, becoming Bing Crosby’s fifth gold record and the most requested song at Christmas USO shows. Looking back, a magazine for soldiers observed that Bing Crosby and I’ll Be Home For Christmas accomplished more for military morale than anything else in that era.

Today, partnering with over 7,000 local churches and more than 1,500 chaplains, Faith Comes By Hearing is building morale by providing more than 480,000 Military BibleSticks to those serving our nation away from home. Each Military BibleStick contains the New Testament along with 65 minutes of Psalms, including Psalm 91, also known as the Warrior’s Psalm.

Your church can be a part of making the holiday season brighter for those who cannot celebrate Christmas at home this year because they are serving our nation around the world. A gift of $25 provides a Military BibleStick kit, which includes a card to request free MP3 Bibles for spouses and children, so an entire military family can be blessed. As you celebrate this Christmas season, remember our troops who won’t be home because they are protecting our home. Learn more by visiting or by calling us directly at (800) 545-6552.

We are thankful for churches like Southwest Church of the Nazarene (Omaha, NE), First Baptist Church (Amity, AR), St. Peter Lutheran Church (Stendahl, IN), Friends Community Church (Spring Valley, CA), Old Oak Bible Church (Middleburg, OH), and over 7,000 other congregations who support our troops by providing God’s Word on Military BibleSticks.

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