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Troy Carl shares casts a compelling vision for the unlimited possibilities of our latest initiative: the Global Bible Network.


50% of the world can’t read. They’re poor, illiterate, and they live without any knowledge that there’s a God who loves them and speaks their language. They’re people like us: they have hopes and dreams, hurts and fears. The only difference is they’ve never heard about Jesus . . . till now. Thanks to digital technology and groundbreaking opportunities, this program – the Global Bible Network – is gonna make the Bible available in the languages of people; connecting us like never before and giving people an opportunity to hear the Good News.

Our world is changing at an amazing pace. Today, 93% of the world’s population have access to some sort of digital device. For the first time in history, we can get the Gospel to every person. And we’ll leverage technology that others thought simply wasn’t possible. We’ll use network extension technologies; working with partners to use shortwave and FM and digital spread-spectrum, we’ll literally be able to deliver the Bible to any kind of device – and we’ll be doing it for pennies on the dollar to the most remote regions of the world.

This new system is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We’ll compress the Bible into small packets, deliver it from space, and intelligently route it across a network, based on a proprietary language-recognition algorithm. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Are you ready?

We call it the Global Bible Network, a hybrid mesh network that does one thing: gets God’s Word to every human on Earth.

The Global Bible Network leverages technology by connecting various devices to its proprietary network of nodes, and these nodes are capable of storing and forwarding packets of data even when there’s no Internet access available. And thanks to Big Data analytics capabilities, this network allows us to utilize a language-recognition algorithm so that we can intelligently deliver the Bible where people are speaking that language specifically.

Just imagine . . . the whole world listening and God’s Word finding every person speaking that language and providing it to them right there on their mobile device. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” System – man made system – and preach the Gospel.

So, there’s one final thing: each point of presence in this terrestrial network will be interdependent and a force multiplier for the entire system. The network will evolve rapidly, but each emerging technology will allow us to get God’s Word everywhere to everyone. And God is telling us to take it “up there.”

Will you join us and be a part of the Global Bible Network?

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