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Chasing Jesus to the Finish Line!

Chasing Jesus to the Finish Line! By Brian Emerson

Whenever I think of running long distances, I find myself picturing Forest Gump running from those mean boys and breaking the shackles of his leg braces. How triumphant! If you know the film, you also know he ran across the whole country and inspired people in the process. It makes me wonder, could I run across our country? What about across our world?

Well, our ministry partner and friend, Celene Loo, is doing just that. She has embarked on a journey to run 7 marathons, in 7 days, on 7 continents, known as the World Marathon Challenge.

Aiming to break a world record as the first Asian female to complete this challenge, Celene will also be promoting Faith Comes By Hearing and —hoping to raise 10,000 dollars to help us reach the world with God’s Word in audio.

Faith Comes By Hearing is one of my favorite ministries and I use it myself (English) as well as other languages for my ministry Giving Bread, when visiting the elderly and impoverished. Would appreciate all of you covering me with prayers for successful completion. “Let us run with endurance, the race that is set out before us.”

The World Marathon Challenge started Monday with the first marathon in Antarctica. Finishing with a time of 5:32:24, Celene shared some of her experience with us,

Wind speed at over 30 miles/hour. I almost blew away! It became hard to differentiate between the ground and sky, due to extreme torrential winds and white blindness. Even the moisture from my breath turned into ice…The high altitude and thin air, with the dangerous and unpredictable conditions of Antarctica, God’s nature truly humbled me. Towards the last few kilometers, my eyes were numb and it became hard to decipher where the ground and heaven were. Perhaps I was hallucinating, but I saw Jesus in front of me, asking me to walk on water as He told Peter. So I kept chasing Jesus…till the finish line.

The race continues with a marathon each day this week and ending in Sydney, Australia with a well-deserved celebration.

23-Jan Marathon in Antarctica + Flight to Punta Arenas, Chile

24-Jan Marathon in Punta Arenas + Flight to Miami, USA

25-Jan Marathon in Miami + Flight to Madrid, Spain

26-Jan Marathon in Madrid + Flight to Marrakech, Morocco

27-Jan Marathon in Marrakech + Flight to Dubai, UAE

28-Jan Marathon in Dubai + Flight to Sydney, Australia

29-Jan Marathon in Sydney + Celebration

Join us to cheer her on and pray for her safety and success as Celene races in conditions of high altitude, freezing temperatures, and dry desert sun.

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