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5 Steps: How to Prepare for a Mission Trip

5 Steps: How to Prepare for a Mission Trip

You’ve accepted God’s call and you’re headed out on a mission trip – awesome! Your tickets are purchased, your group is assembled and you’ve received all the necessary shots. So, now what? We’re glad you asked.

1. Pray

God has chosen you to take this journey and bring His love and His Word to a community. He has picked you for a reason. Take some time in prayer to ask God to equip you mentally, spiritually, and physically for what He has in mind for this trip. Invite God to move in your heart and ask Him to help your team accomplish the work for His Kingdom.

2. Read Scripture and Seek Spiritual Health

Before setting out to help others grow closer to God, it’s vital to remain deeply rooted in your own relationship with Christ. Seek out Scripture that will keep you focused and prepare you for what God has in store for your trip.

We suggest studying these verses related to the topic of missions and sharing the Gospel:

Matthew 28:19-20

Acts 1:8

Acts 13:2-3 and 13:47

Mark 16:15

Romans 10:13-14

Matthew 24:14

1 Chronicles 16:24

Mark 13:10

Revelation 14:6

3. Learn about the Culture and Language

It’s important to remember that you will be entering a community that likely has a completely different culture, with unique customs, languages, and food than you are familiar with. Ask your group leader about what to expect in this specific culture, do your own research, and study as much as you can about the community you are traveling to. If you are traveling internationally, it is possible that the group you are serving may not know more than a word or two of English, Spanish, French, etc., so it is best to know at least a few common phrases and words in the local dialect and language.

4. Grow Closer to Your Team

God has assembled the perfect team to accomplish His mission and now it’s important for you to bond as a group and ensure that you are all on the same page. It could be as simple as regularly praying together, going on a hike, eating dinner together, or even just having a few formal meetings after church. Try to get to know your group and your group leader better. The stronger the team dynamic, the more likely you’ll be able to accomplish the projects and goals set before you.

5. Exercise

This may seem like an unusual step to take when preparing, but you’ll likely be doing a lot of physical activity while on your mission trip. Whether you’re building houses or a church, creating a well for clean water, serving underprivileged people groups or canvassing neighborhoods, there is sure to be a lot of walking and some manual labor. It’s important to make sure you are able to take on tasks that are physically demanding if they arise. Even if you begin by simply taking walks around your neighborhood every morning and evening, you’ll be preparing and strengthening your body for your mission.

We hope this post has guided you toward preparing for your upcoming mission trip! Leave a comment below about where you are headed, or a favorite mission trip you’ve taken in the past. May God bless you and your team!

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