Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start an OBT project with FCBH or use Render for my OBT project?

Contact us at so we can talk more about how we can partner together. Please fill out this form with your project details if you’re interested in OBT.

How can I partner with Faith Comes By Hearing to start an Oral Bible Translation?

We are happy to partner in different ways.  For some language project we just provide the Render and technical support. For other projects we train in the launch workshop, provide funding, and provide a certified Bible translation consultant. Contact us to talk more about how we can partner together in a way that works best for your unique situation.

How does Render work?

Render supports the loading of audio recordings that act as references for the translation. Translators listen to the references, internalize the passage, and translate orally into their own language, recording their translation in Render. The software acts as a file management system by sending and receiving files between users and Render provides the user with a seamless and easy-to-use interface.

How is Oral Bible Translation different from written translation?

The primary difference is that oral translation produces an oral Bible, one that is meant to be listened to, not read in a book. In oral translation, translators use different techniques to internalize a passage, to be able to retell it in their mother tongue in a clear, accurate, natural, and acceptable way. Oral Bible translations go through all of the same rigorous checks as written translations, but bypasses the need for orthography development in the local language.

What can be loaded into Render?

You can load up to four audio Bible versions into Render to be used as references for the translation. We have many languages and versions available and can work with you on what will be best for your project.

How long does it take to set up a project?

If all references are available, project setup needs to start ten weeks before the start date. If there is no audio recording for one of the references, it can take up to five additional months to record it.

Is internet needed to use Render?

For most of your project, you will not need internet as you can sync and share files among the team over a Local Area Network (LAN) or a USB drive. You will need internet initially to download the Render software on all project computers. We recommend doing an internet sync periodically to back up your files.


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