Small Beginnings

Pathway to Vision 2033
“Get God’s Word to every person.”

These words, etched on the hearts of Jerry and Anet Jackson, initiated a global movement. A mission to cover the world in God’s Word as the waters cover the sea. But as with most global movements, Faith Comes By Hearing – then known as Hosanna – started small. In 1972, the Jackson family rolled into Albuquerque, New Mexico, and got to work. A ministry partner offered his living room, a single tape duplicator, and 200 blank tapes to provide the basis for what would become Hosanna’s Christian tape-lending library.

Through ups and downs, lessons and trials, God displayed His providence. Faithful men, women, ministries, and churches buoyed the mission to spread the pure Scripture in formats anyone could engage. Hosanna, now Faith Comes By Hearing, introduced listening programs for the oral majority – first in America and then around the world. Tapes, CDs, and MP3s morphed into internet streaming, digital downloading, and phone-to-phone sharing, all with one goal:

Get God’s Word to every person.

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