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Faith Comes By Hearing has the world's largest catalog of Audio Bibles, which includes 853 languages spoken by over 5.7 billion people in 190 countries.

Audio Bible downloads are available to help spread the Word of God to those who cannot read by helping them understand the teachings of Christ in a language they understand - their own. New Testaments on MP3 and the Proclaimer (a dedicated, digital player powered by the sun) are some of the best ways to share the Scriptures. For this reason, Faith Comes by Hearing partners with translation organizations in order to record already-translated New Testaments to reach the world's oral communities.

MP3 New Testament recordings are being used by volunteers in listening groups around the world. Using the Proclaimer, volunteers can play the Scriptures in the mother tongue of the village. To improve literacy, some listeners follow along in a printed Bible. With these tools, many illiterate children and villagers can begin to learn to read and teach others in their village how to read the Bible as well.

The Bible online has also become popular in the technology-driven countries of North America and Europe. Anyone with an iPod can listen to an MP3 Bible on the go. Audio Bible downloads are easily transferred to a computer or any MP3 device, making it easy to bring the Word of God along with you.

Free Audio Bible downloads and Audio Bible podcasts are offered to those seeking daily inspiration. Or, download the language of your choice, including the Spanish Audio Bible, to so you can learn a new language. Also available are other versions, such as the NIV and KJV Audio New Testaments. However you choose to incorporate the Audio Word of God into your life, you are sure to find them helpful as you grow in faith and inspire those around you.