Spanish Audio Bible

The Spanish Audio Bible brings the Word of God to Spanish speakers without the requirement of reading skills.  This is an important consideration when you stop to think that over fifty percent of the world's total population cannot read. The words will remain lifeless on the page until they are released by being spoken, and heard by people who are searching for spiritual answers in their lives.  The Bible on CD and MP3 Bible downloads are one way to make this possible.  Provided by Faith Comes By Hearing, the world leader in Bible translations and distribution, allows non-Spanish speakers the opportunity to share God's Word with those speakers in a meaningful way.

The Spanish Audio Bible and other online Bibles available from Faith Comes By Hearing help to meeet the needs of many individuals and cultures. By making the Word of God available online it has become easy for a diverse population to listen to the Bible at their convenience from their home computer, CD player, or even DVD players. The New American Bible version of the Catholic Bible, the NIV Bible online and the KJV MP3 Bible are examples of the diversity of recordings that can make a welcome addition to your audio collection.

The Spanish Audio Bible can be played in different ways to meet your listeners' specific needs. You can get the Bible on CD, with the complete New Testament or the Bible in its entirety on a single CD. Bible downloads are also available in our BibleStick playback format. A BibleStick is an MP3 player loaded with MP3 files of the entire New Testament, that have been downloaded onto the player.  You listen through ear phones. BibleSticks are small, about the size of a pack of gum, so they are easy to take with you when you exercise, walk around town, ride the bus, and more.  The MP3 Bible also can be downloaded in a children's version, called the Kidz Bible, which features the primary Old and New Testament stories, along with the harmonized Gospels, and even Bible songs.  The Children's Bible version used on the Kidz Bible is the New International Readers Version for Children.

The Spanish Audio Bible can be used in other parts of the world, even in areas with unreliable electricity, thanks to the Proclaimer audio player. For people working in remote areas, Faith Comes By Hearing's offers this unit that plays MP3 Bible recordings in over 250 languages and can run on multiple power sources: a solar panel, rechargeable batteries, a hand crank, or an AC adapter.  It has a specially designed speaker system allowing this small device to project God's Word so that a group of 300 people can hear it clearly, in digital quality.

The Spanish Audio Bible is a worthy addition to a parishioner, pastor, or missionary's collection of tools that can be used to share God's Word with people who might not otherwise be exposed and helps to bridges the divide between illiteracy and knowledge of the power held in God's Word.