Radio Bible

Many illiterate people around the world have access to the radio. Trans World Radio, American Bible Society, and Faith Comes By Hearing have formed a Radio Bible partnership broadcasting 15-minute daily programs over some of the most powerful radio stations accessible in third world countries. These programs include 8-9 minutes of the Audio Drama Bible plus engagement materials which assist listeners in their understanding of God's Word.

People listen in the car, in taxis, in public places, at home, and at work. Many who are struggling to learn to read also use the broadcast as a literacy tool. God’s Word is going forth through this medium to many people who might otherwise never know about Him or hear His message — and we know His Word will not return void.

The first pilot project was done among the Asante people in Ghana, West Africa, and research showed that 61% of people in the area listened to the Bible program daily. The goal of Radio Bible is to establish 100 broadcasts in the top 100 languages, representing 70% of the world’s speakers. Priority is being given to “restricted access” countries.


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