NIV Bible

The NIV Bible was originally commissioned and created in the 1960s with several goals in mind. The most important of those was to translate the Bible into contemporary English so that it was accurate, clear, beautiful and dignified, with the goal that it would be used for teaching, memorizing and liturgical use. Over 100 of the most respected Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek scholars worked together in translating the Old Testament for the New International Version Bible, carefully reviewing and testing it to ensure that it had great clarity and was easy to read for all age groups. In 1973, the New Testament was also translated for the NIV Bible, and the entire NIV Bible was published for the first time in 1978.

Faith Comes By Hearing is carrying on this dedicated work by offering audio versions of the NIV Bible online so it can reach an even wider audience and be accessible in more places than ever before. By providing the NIV Bible online, users are now able to download it to their personal computer or iPod and access the scriptures from almost anywhere. You can listen on your iPod during your lunch break, while you are out jogging, on road trips – the possibilities are almost limitless.

In addition to New International Version Bible downloads, Faith Comes By Hearing offers BibleSticks and MP3 Bible CDs for your own personal use or as wonderful gifts for those you love. The BibleStick is a very small digital audio player that is about the size of a pack of gum. It comes pre-loaded with the entire New Testament and can be carried in your pocket anywhere you would like to enjoy the Word of God. MP3 Bible CD's are essentially compressed digital audio files of the entire New Testament that come loaded onto discs, enabling users to play them on computers, MP3 players, and even cell phones.

While the New International Version Audio Bible is extremely convenient for those of us living in technology-driven countries, there are also other advantages that can be obtained from it's use. An MP3 Bible can be a very practical and easy way to bring the Word of God to many cultures and villages across the world where the average person cannot afford schools or the education needed to learn how to read. Bible recordings have truly given them the chance to hear the scriptures for the first time and to spread the message of the NIV Bible to those around them.

The NIV Bible is only one of the Audio Bibles available from Faith Comes By Hearing. Currently, FCBH has the largest catalog of recorded scriptures in the world with a dedicated team of non-profit employees, partners and volunteers working hard every day to translate the scriptures and bring audio and video products to remote parts of the world. Two products that have really helped with this are the The Proclaimer and The Acclaimer. The Proclaimer is a solar-powered digital audio player that is loud enough to be heard by groups as large as 300. The Acclaimer is a rugged, portable video player that was created to show Christian films to groups as large as 500. Both of these devices can be loaded up with scriptures recorded in any one of 278 languages.