MP3 Bible

MP3 Discs present a versatile way to listen to the Audio Bible

The MP3 Bible Inspires Cultures All Over the World

The timeless passages of the Bible have inspired and infused people with faith for thousands of years. During that time, the Bible has gone through many transformations. It’s been printed in hundreds of languages, shared with millions of people in cultures all over the world, and continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

As our communication methods have changed and technologies advanced, so has the Bible. Now it’s possible to listen to the Bible on CD, find Audio Bible downloads for your personal computer, or even buy an MP3 Bible to listen to on your iPod or other MP3 player. The most amazing thing about these advancements is that they are giving the most technologically advanced societies and third world nations better access to the teachings of the Bible than ever before.

If you are not familiar with what an MP3 Bible is, it is a collection of compressed audio files that can be uploaded to your personal computer or MP3 player and played like a Bible on CD. In recent years, MP3 Bibles have become extremely popular in developed nations because you can listen to them while you’re doing every day activities like going for walks, gardening, driving to work or working out at the gym. An MP3 Audio Bible can be played anywhere you can bring your iPod or other MP3 player.

While it may come as a surprise, Bible CDs and MP3 Bibles are also helping spread the Good Word to many underdeveloped nations as well. Since many people in underdeveloped nations live with illiteracy and poverty, there is no other way for them to learn the life-altering messages in the Bible unless they can hear them in their native tongue. Now that that Bible is on CD and Bible MP3s are available in hundreds of languages, the Word of God can be easily shared with people all over the world with the people who need His Word most. Faith Comes by Hearing is doing just that by providing Audio Bibles to the poor and illiterate people of the world, changing the lives of thousands of people.

If you would like to incorporate the scriptures into your daily life, a Bible on MP3 disc or MP3 Audio Bible downloads can increase your faith and bring you closer to the Word of God. You can also choose to make a donation that will send Bible MP3s and Audio Bibles around the world to poor villages that still need to be touched and inspired by the grace of God.

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