Listening Groups

Hearing the Good News

Internationally, Faith Comes By Hearing works among people who have little or no resources, and limited or no education. These are the people who have, for generations, learned and shared information through community exchange.

Through national workers, the Faith Comes By Hearing program is introduced to churches and villages. Pastors and village leaders are asked to commit to listen through the New Testament with their people for at least 30 minutes a week, followed by a time of discussion. Once a group has journeyed through the New Testament together (listening and discussing), every member of the group is considered discipled. 

International statistics show that every person discipled will go on to share Christ and reach another five people. Through Faith Comes By Hearing Audio Bible listening and discipleship programs, entire nations are reached for Christ.

Testimony from the Field: Bengali Nalpur Church  Listening Group

Soaylen gave this testimony about FCBH:  "I converted to Christianity from Hinduism in 1987, so I’ve walked with the Lord for a long time.  After years of trying to read the Bible, I finally can understand clearly when I listen to the Audio Bible. I want to give these to others so they can hear too. I want to bring light to the darkness of the other religions. I’m so happy to have this program and now I want to give more to others.  Many people can’t read, and this program helps them to come to Christ."


Testimony: Listening Group in Ghana, Africa

At First Konkomba Church, the group listened for one and a half years, three days a week—Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. They have finished listening to the New Testament for the first time, and are now listening to it again. They report that the Audio Bible has encouraged them to worship God and it keeps them motivated to come to church. The number of people in church has increased because people in the community have passed by and heard. They in turn join the church.

Faith Comes By Hearing QuotationHearing I Corinthians 13 is what most affected one woman of this community: "We saw that without love we were nothing. We gathered and discussed this and love became our aim. This pursuit changed all of us, brought love into our families, and they, too, have been changed. Thank you for the Audio Bibles. We love them because many of us, especially the women, cannot read."