King James Audio Bible

King James Audio Bible Speaks to Those in Need Across the World

The King James Audio Bible is one of the many online Bibles offered by the world’s largest Audio Bible ministry, Faith Comes by Hearing. This organization has translated and recorded the King James Audio Bible and the New King James (NKJV) Audio Bible into almost every language being spoken across the globe today. This dedicated work has made it possible for us to help spread the Word of the Lord to many areas of the world where people have never had the chance to read, hear or understanding the teachings of the Bible before.

The King James Audio Bible and the NKJV Audio Bible are a favorite of hard working volunteers who travel across the globe to visit underdeveloped communities yearning for inspiration. Oftentimes, these volunteers risk visiting communities or villages that are in dangerous locations so they can host Listening Groups where anyone can come to share in the powerful message of Christ. For the members of the Listening Groups who can follow along with a printed version of the KJV Bible, it is even possible for them to learn how to read. If you would like to make a donation to contribute to these wonderful efforts, please visit our donation page.

King James Audio Bibles Can Inspire Your Daily Life

You may not realize it, but audio versions of the Bible are transforming the relationship many of Christ’s followers have with the Bible right in your own community. Taking advantage of the many audio formats we offer, including the King James Bible on CD and online Bible Podcasts, allows you to take the King James Audio Bible or the NKJV Audio Bible almost anywhere you go. Listening to the King James Bible on CD can become the inspiring and relaxing way you start or end to your day. You can listen to the King James Bible online while you are on your lunch break, or listen to the King James Bible online when you are doing computer work at night.

If you would like to encourage your children or other loved ones to incorporate the NKJV Audio Bible into their lives, our Bible Sticks would make the perfect gift. Bible Sticks are small MP3 players that are about the size of a pack of gum and can be ordered to come preloaded with the New Testament from the King James Audio Bible, the NKJV Audio Bible, or any one of our online Bibles for kids.

To learn more about all of our online Bible products to purchase the King James Bible on CD, please visit our Audio Bible Catalog.