Jerry and Annette Jackson at the beginning of the ministry

Our Beginnings

In the 70s, while doing mission work on a Hopi Indian reservation, Jerry and Annette Jackson discovered a room full of beautiful, unused Hopi Bibles. Because of illiteracy, printed Bibles were of little use to the Hopi. The Jacksons wondered,

Faith Comes By Hearing QuotationIf people can’t read, how can they know the Scriptures and make an eternal decision for Christ?”

The Jacksons founded Hosanna in 1972 with the goal to share God’s Word. Morgan, their son, joined the staff in 1983 and became Senior Vice President in 1991. In response to God’s leading, the ministry has focused on providing the Word of God to poor and illiterate people in a culturally relevant format. Requests to record the Bible in the indigenous languages of Haiti and Peru were the inspiration for the Audio Dramatized New Testament. Since then, Faith Comes By Hearing has become the largest producer of the Audio Bible in the world.



In the United States, more than 60,000 churches of all denominations have participated in Faith Comes By Hearing Bible listening programs. Now, these churches are sponsoring people groups worldwide so that others can hear God’s Word in their mother tongue.
Ministry Direct and In Native Tongues Internationally, FCBH has 33 recording teams made up of national workers.

In 2008, donors gave over 14.5 million dollars for FCBH programs, discipling millions of people with the Audio Word of God in their heart language. Over 100 staff members work in tandem with over 500 workers in countries around the world.

Currently, Faith Comes By Hearing offers 853 languages reaching over 5.7 billion people in 190 countries.


Keys to Outreach

More than half the world cannot read. The majority of the illiterate population lives in poverty with few resources. Reaching poor and illiterate people from oral cultures with God’s Word requires unique strategies. Faith Comes By Hearing is based on the belief and evidence that oral cultures can more fully understand and live the Gospel when they hear the Word in their own language. Through FCBH listening programs, believers are discipled, churches are strengthened, new churches are planted, and new converts come to Christ.­