Dramatized Audio Bibles, Online Bibles Spread Gospel Message

Faith Comes By Hearing, the world's foremost Audio Bible ministry, recently released six more Audio Bible recordings.

The Audio Drama New Testament is now available in the following languages:

  • Azerbaijani, North – Azerbaijan
  • Hadiyya – Ethiopia
  • Quiché Joyabaj – Guatemala
  • Ekegusii – Kenya
  • Turkana – Kenya
  • Kivunjo – Tanzania
  • These new offerings represent more than 10.1 million people on three continents. Currently, Faith Comes By Hearing has 419 Audio Scripture recordings available in 355 languages. More than 380 of these Audio Bibles are available at FaithComesByHearing.com for free download or Online Bible streaming.


    Audio Drama recordings for oral peoples are absolute necessities,"
    Jerry Jackson, Faith Comes By Hearing president and founder

    Faith Comes By Hearing records and uses Audio Bibles and to reach and disciple the world's poor and illiterate people with the Gospel message. The ministry's mission is to record the Audio Drama New Testament in 2,000 languages and to start 2 million Bible listening groups by 2016 to reach the 50% of the world who cannot read and are poor.

    Jerry Jackson, Faith Comes By Hearing's founder and president, said he's seen how Audio Bibles recorded in a dramatized format are highly effective and help people comprehend the Gospel message.

    "Audio Drama recordings for oral peoples are absolute necessities," Jackson said.
    "Studies show that orality-based people groups process information differently. For example, stories told in linear fashion can be more difficult to digest and remember, but when told in a dramatized fashion oral people understand the Bible stories."

    "When these recordings go out, many people will be able to understand Scripture for the very first time," Jackson said.

    Listen to Morgan Jackson describe how one man's life drastically changed after he heard the Audio Drama New Testament in his heart language.

    Faith Comes By Hearing approaches the Great Commission through a variety of programs using Audio Bibles. God's Word in audio is provided free of charge to churches and people groups all around the world.