Children's Bible Stories on Audio CD

Children's Bible Stories on audio CD make it possible to introduce the Word of God to your children before they have the ability to read it for themselves.  The Kidz Bible, an audio Bible on CD brought to you by, allows you to play the audio Bible on a CD player in your home or vehicle, so that moments that might otherwise be wasted can be put to good use by listening to the Word of God.  Children's Bible Stories on audio CD offer a fun and useful way to share God's Word with children.

Audio Bible downloads onto an MP3 player make taking the Bible with you easy.  A children's version, one that kids are sure to like, is called the KIDZ BibleStick.  This is a tiny MP3 player that has been preloaded with Bible songs and Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments, as well as the harmonized Gospels.  You can check it out for yourself by listening to audio clips of Bible passages that are available at

Kids love MP3 players because they are small enough to carry in your pocket, yet contain a vast amount of compressed files on them, which could be music or talk.  The audio Bible takes advantage of these new electronic and digital technologies and applies them to a Bible format that is revolutionizing the way the Bible is shared. 

The online audio Bible, which comes in the kid-friendly New International Readers Version for Children, can also be listened to from an MP3 CD, which compresses the digital file so much that the entire New Testament can fit on a single CD.  Anyone with computer access, or a CD player that is MP3 compatible or a newer DVD player can play these special CDs and hear their life-giving message.  To see for yourself, go to and listen to sample audio clips of Bible passages to see for yourself.

Children's Bible Stories on Audio CD also draws kids in by utilizing an Audio Drama presentation.  This means that music appealing to children, sound effects and multiple voices for all of the characters help to bring the selected Bible stories to life for children.  This audio Bible on CD can be a first step for youngsters to hear these timeless tales, and be inspired to learn more about them as they grow and mature.  Utilize audio Bible downloads on the KIDZ Bible MP3 player as a fun way to help get kids into Bible study.  Children's Bible Stories on audio CD provide that bridge for non-reading youngsters to begin the exciting process of learning about God and His promise for them.

The Children's Bible Stories on audio CD can provide the stepping stone for your children to graduate to the adult-version audio Bible on CD and the online audio Bible downloaded to a BibleStick.  Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are spending quality time learning about God when they listen to Children's Bible Stories on audio CD.