Enrich Your Youth Group With Bible Stories For Kids

Using Bible stories for kids is important if you want your kids to grow up appreciating the Bible and following the Word of God. Small children may not understand everything in the Bible, but they can follow the simple stories and learn a great deal from the examples of the great men and women from the Bible. Children also learn from your example. If they see you reading the Bible or listening to the Bible on CD, they will learn that it is important to study the Bible.

Help your children hear the Word of God

Children need to begin hearing God’s Word at an early age, because it instills in them a desire to keep learning. Spend time with your kids, and make the Bible come alive for them. You can adapt Bible stories for kids, sharing with them the stories and main message to take away from the Bible.

When you share stories from the Bible with your children, you help them to understand God’s role in our lives. Make sure they understand God’s love for each of his children. The Bible teaches so much about the kind of people we should be. If you teach your children from the Bible, they will better understand what God would have them do in their everyday lives.

It is a good practice to share Bible stories with your children daily. Make it a habit to read from the Bible or listen to the Bible daily. This sets an example for your kids, and it’s an example that can last them a lifetime.   You can even use a Spanish Bible CD or other language translations if you're wanting to teach kids abroad.

Make Bible study a family time

Many parents wonder how they can study the Bible with their children while they are still young. Can young children really understand the Bible? We may be surprised just how much children can pick up and understand. Once you start studying the Bible with your children, you may find that your children start teaching you!

Be sure to teach your children from the Bible, but use age-appropriate words and stories. When they are younger, study time does not have to be lengthy. As long as you make it a daily habit, the kids will continue to grow in the Lord. You can share simple Bible stories, sharing the incredible stories of the men and women who served God. You can tell your children of the many miracles in the life of Jesus. Children will learn much about God in the simple retelling of these stories.

It is also important to ask questions and make sure your kids understand what you are teaching. Questions like, “What is God trying to tell us in this story?” can help your children focus in on what is important in the story. As your kids grow, you can share increasingly complex concepts.

The most important thing is that your kids know that Bible study time is important. You don’t have to be perfect in your Bible study, but if your kids see you studying the bible, they will know how important it is. Make sure that Bible stories for kids are being shared in your house.