BibleStick, KIDZ Bible – Digital Audio Bibles that fit your life style

A Dedicated Digital Audio New Testament

These convenient, digital audio players are very simple to use and come pre-loaded with an entire Audio New Testament – all in a slim player the size of a pack of gum! Now you can enjoy the Word of God anytime, anywhere!  Order online through our Audio Bible catalog.

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How Does the BibleStick Work?

The BibleStick is great to use while working out, working around your house or yard and driving in your car. You can listen to this portable Audio Bible while doing other things.

A great way to engage in the Word of God every day!
  • 40 Day Plan: Listen just 28 minutes a day
  • Simple, easy-to-use Audio New Testament
  • Powered by one AAA battery

Download the instructions card (pdf)




The KIDZ BibleStick is a childrens Audio Bible with full sound effects.
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