Audio Bibles Minister Hope in Haiti

Using God's Word in Times of Tragedy

Haiti in Need of Help!

Standing on a pile of concrete and tin rubble, a 20-something year old Haitian man points over his shoulder.

"This was my father's house," he said, matter-of-factly. Then the reality rolls over him like a wave, and his voice breaks, "My mother was in there. My family was…"

He is interrupted by another man who yells, "I can hear them in there. But we can't get to them. Without a loader, we can't move this."

On Tuesday, January 12th, Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake near its capital city, Port-au-Prince. Up to 3 million people have been affected by the most powerful earthquake to hit Haiti in 200 years.

People have set up makeshift shelters, refugee camps and hospitals, as others dig through concrete mounds that once held their children, spouses, family, friends and neighbors. More than 100,000 people are sleeping on the streets.

Faith Comes By Hearing, the world's foremost Audio Bible ministry, is responding to this crisis by providing faith, hope and love through God's Word in audio.


Haitians will need that long-term hope and comfort that comes from knowing God has not forgotten them through this tragedy."

--Jon Wilke, Ministry Spokesperson

"We already have 600 Proclaimers on their way through our ministry partner, Convoy of Hope," said Jon Wilke, Faith Comes By Hearing's spokesperson. "These portable, solar-powered Audio Bibles will be given to local pastors so people can hear God's Word in their own language—Haitian Creole."

Convoy of Hope has people positioned on the ground to receive containers of food, clothing and supplies that are being sent to Haiti. They are partnering with churches in Haiti that are ministering to those left in the aftermath of this deadly earthquake. Pastors will receive the Proclaimer units and will use them to minister to groups of hurting and wounded people who need the Word of God in their heart language.

Young Haitian Boy from Haiti

"We want to equip short-term groups, disaster relief teams, church teams and other ministries with the Word of God in a format the people can use," he said.

"Peoples' houses are crumbled, their families are shattered and they are living in ruins. Haitians will need that long-term hope and comfort that comes from knowing God has not forgotten them through this tragedy," said Wilke.

Right now, Haitians are afraid to go inside whatever is left of their homes. They are fearful of aftershocks or further collapse. Masses of people are sitting outside, on the curbs and under homemade shelters. Imagine the change in atmosphere if God's Word is there, playing in their language, reminding them that God is with them.

Haiti, the Caribbean nation of about 9 million people, has a rocky and lengthy history of conflict, turmoil, dictatorship, fragile institutions and devastating natural catastrophes. Just last year, the island endured four hurricanes.

Research shows that about 50% of Haiti's population lives on less than $1 a day and are unable to read.

"Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti, and for those who are mobilizing efforts to meet the tremendous needs that are impacting hundreds of thousands of people," Wilke said.

"It's going to take the unity of the church and the compassion of the world to help this hurting people return to some semblance of normal life," Wilke said.