Audio Bible Indonesia

A Volcano is poised over the Southeast Asian Landscape.

Indonesia is a nation of 17,508 islands with a population that exceeds 245 million.  Faith Comes By Hearing has active Audio Bible listening programs in the Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese languages, with others in Sundanese, Balinese, Aceh, Madurese, and Nias languages soon to begin.

Man Walks Two Hours

Arymao PujowibowoEvery week this man walks for two hours to come to the church to hear the Audio Bible. He has to pass over hills and rivers; but he and his family always come.

A Pastor's Testimony

Arymao Pujowibowo"I am a pastor and also a radio professional giving my voice to various radio programs. I am very excited to see this project and believe that this Audio Bible will help our people. I also request that one day the FCBH program leaders would broadcast the Audio Bible on local radio stations. Here people are crazy about the FM radio. My humble request is that it would be a great blessing if you could broadcast this Audio Bible on the radio."